Creativity is my name.
Experimenting is my game

I grasp for things I cannot see.
I grasped it because I trust my ability.

I probe the edges of what we know,
and try to see where else I can make it go.

I change its shape and colour,
I prod it and make it holler,
I fold,
I magnify and shrink,
I twist,
I even spray water to make it mist.
It’s something I really can’t resist.

There is no limit to my curiosity.
There is no set pattern to my mind.
I will play with ideas of every kind.
Often looking for just a tiny sign.

I am really good at finding things.
I don’t mind spending time.

Since this brings me joy,
I do it all the time.


J M Lysun

Morning breaks



A ray of light shining in my face, warm and inviting.
The sound of rustling leaves catch my attention.
My thoughts begin to focus.

A smell of freshly cooked bacon floods my nostrils,
pleasantly ending my slumber.
And I awake.

A yawn escapes my lips,
A new day I embrace with outstretched arms.
Now fully rested, I am ready to emerge to a new day,
as morning breaks.


J M Lysun

Unravelling the mysteries of Japanese poetry


I have continued with my studies of Haiku, in the hope of getting closer to the mindset that led to its creation and evolution. As I become more familiar with the works of the classic writers, I am beginning to slowly understand why its allure has lingered.

Just in case, I gave the wrong impression, in my previous blog on the subject, that I did not like Modern Western Haiku, this is far from the truth. I was just blurting out what was probably already obvious to most Haiku writers, that Western Haiku has evolved its own flavour. I was just acknowledging aloud, my belated discovery, at the difficulty, in keeping to the “Pure” approach, given the linguistic and cultural differences.

Personally, I enjoy the challenges and joy of reading and writing Western Haiku.

I was recently reading the translated works of Basho Matsuo, the venerated Japanese Haiku master, assuming that what I have read was indeed a good translation of his thoughts; I was struck with the simplicity of his approach. It was clearly intended to be more than just poetry; you could almost feel his quest for the ultimate truth. Below is an example that I particularly like:



summer grasses-
all that remains
of warriors’ dreams


Here, I feel that Basho was shining the light on the nature of reality.
Apart from the artistic aspects of his creation, he was clearly following Zen Buddhist principles of logging his observations of the world hoping to get closer to the ultimate truth of nature. I was left with the impression his writings were part of his personal quest for perfection and enlightenment.

I came across a quote, which I believe is attributed to Matsuo Basho that I forgot to take note of and cannot remember its source. Anyway, it went something like:

“In a lifetime, to have written 10 “real Haiku” is a great achievement.”

Basho clearly thought very highly of Haiku and the privilege of being able to make such observations.

If someone comes across the actual quote, I would be grateful if you could, please, post it as a reference for me. Thanks!

Before I pen off, I will leave you with another attempt at trying to capture the Haiku mindset.

Here is my attempt at what I believe fits the most acceptable definitions of Western haiku. If you want the most efficient use of minimalist words approach, you can remove the “strikethrough” words without losing the essence of this observation. The “kireji” which is the juxtaposed line is the first line, and the “kigo” meaning seasonal word is the third line.

I believe this is how the rules work for modern Western haiku. Please comment or share your thoughts if you feel that I am still not getting the idea.

That’s my thoughts for today on Japanese Poetry. From a curious mind.

Back to school

The empty classroom
is almost always crowded
when holiday ends

J M Lysun

Self Esteem


Self esteem

As a flower ready to bloom,
I dare not open too soon.

My fragile petals I need to protect,
Of my essence, I don’t want predators to detect.

I am not yet ready.

How can I compare to the summer bloom,
The skies above and the magnificent creatures down below?

I am nothing more than a bud waiting to flower,
And not the freshest, nor the most beautiful.

I wish I was rosier, my petals larger.
I wish my stem was longer
And my colours more vibrant in the sun.

So many things are not what they should be.
So many things are wrong with me.

And yet they tell me I’m so precious.
How can this be?

Oh, my sister why can’t you be like me?

Unlike you, I can’t wait to unfold and be out in the world.

I’m so beautiful and light,
My colours are radiant and bright.

Nothing compares to me.
I’m the ultimate sight.

Can you not see how my stem stands tall?
How my petals are ready and perfectly formed?

These creatures down below they worship me
And the colour of sky pales above.

I am the most expensive and sought after orchid, money can buy.
Of what I say, I do not lie.

… wait a minute, if I’m not mistaken, we’re twins!
What I say of me must be true of you!

By J M Lysun



To be loved and coveted again.

How I miss the gentle touch.
I used to be in demand.
Attention, I did command.

They held me to their heart from the very start.
Swearing never to leave my side.
That we would never part.

They even fought over me.
I was paraded, displayed,
what more can I say.

I was the centre of attention once,
held lovingly, and caressed,
even dressed to impress.

But alas, in the twilight of my life,
the light has gone, the audience vanished
from my place in the sun banished.

Now the product of convenience,
that I was, is an inconvenience.

To be hidden, dismissed, dumped,
thrown away.

Of my fate, I have nothing to say.
Why am I treated this way?

I know I won’t be missed,
I know new things you can’t resist.

But, at the end of my life cycle surely I can be recycled.
So, what do you say?


Perfection (Micro Poetry)




The master with one stroke makes                                                                                                                                     Perfection



— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

Maestro (The Master)



A touch and feel,
with creative zeal,
your art you do reveal.

Deep is your perception,
that no blemish can elude your gaze.
The mist, that do others blind,
cannot deceive you.

Effortless beauty with abundance spreads;
a chiselled feature to bring balance,
a word turned and twisted to enhance,
a defining brush stroke to inspire,
and set hearts on fire.

You mould and shape,
and with shadows play.
The truth in time you do display.

With the lightness of butterfly wings,
the grace of a swan,
the boldness of a tiger,
you sweep away conventions,
and show heavens true intentions.

With tears, angels sing your praise.
Mankind you do amaze.

Yours is the gift to imbue immortality,
to instill the essence of greatness in all things
and objects inanimate.

Bringing life where there was none.

Your light, like a torch in darkness,
shines a path that others will proudly follow,
till the end of time.


 J M Lysun



A moment



It comes and goes.
When it comes nobody knows.
A ripple in time that spreads.
It is captured and released.
Wraps and entraps.
It comes too soon and yet can be long in waiting.
When it arrives, it is usually a surprise.
Special, delightful, memorable, insightful.
Gentle on my mind, kind to my heart,
from beginning to end.
From this moment I cannot part.


— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.


Haiku and Tanka


Thank you for following me on the my quest to finding, what I believe is, the true spirit of Haiku and Tanka.

Like many new to the Japanese form of Poetry, be it Haiku or Tanka, I have struggled to fully comprehend the subtleties that define them and had hoped that others reading my blog would offer insights as to the correct way.

In my limited experimentations with Haiku, I have simply taken the Japanese structure of 5/7/5 and used the western syllables and created three lines of “observations” and assumed that by simply talking about nature that this would constitute a good approximation of the spirit of Haiku. Though fun to write, I realise that, I have even taken liberties with the “form” and ,for fun, played with strings of words that fit this pattern and have called it Haiku.

Likewise I am guilty of the same treatment with the Tanka form, adopting a 5/7/5/7/7 structure to express my thoughts.

But the more I delve into the subject, the more I realise that modern Haiku, because of linguistic differences between Japanese and other languages, and the lack of a consistent structure adopted by all, is but a shadow of the original form and cannot truly be called Haiku. It seems to lack the discipline instilled by the original form and often takes liberties on subject matters.

I must admit, my reading on the subject is still limited, I have mainly drawn this conclusion from reading:

“Haiku mind” by Patrica Donegan
Simple Haiku (

A quote that I like is:

“Haiku is more than a form of poetry; it is a way of seeing the world. Each haiku captures a moment of experience; an instant when the ordinary suddenly reveals its inner nature and makes us take a second look at the event, at human nature, at life.”

A.C. Missias

To simply put it, I believe that my focus has been totally wrong.

I now realise that to be “real” to myself that I should abandon the notion that I am writing true Haiku and Tanka. But instead try to capture the spirit behind them; which to me seems to be the minimalist infusions of words to capture the essence of the universe. It seems more akin to philosophical musings, meditative contemplation in words, than it is to western poetry. It is essentially a search for Clarity.

It would seem pointless for me to adopt any one methodology or ideal. In any event, the impression I get, is that the modern Haiku and Tanka world is in disagreement on the definitions of what constitutes modern Haiku and Tanka.

Please feel free to add your insights and correct me if you feel I have strayed.

Again, I hope that my thoughts on the subject are not offensive to anyone out there.

Memories of yesterday


Memories of yesterday

A heart is broken, that cannot heal.
A dream lost that will not fade.
All because of my memories of yesterday.

A road unwinds to nowhere.
A step taken without direction.
All because I’m lost in darkness and cannot find my way.

A promise made so long ago.
A future painted that will not be so.
All because I’ve gone astray.

A soul now restless.
A world made senseless.
All because I feel I have very little to say.

A heart now empty.
A mind without hope.
All because of yesterday.

Scars of the past in my mind they do last.
Oh, I do pray that they will go away.


— J M Lysun —
Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

Quest for knowledge



I pride myself with knowing what others don’t.
I often search for what others won’t.

My curiosity is what guides me.
My childhood dreams is what drives me.

If all the knowledge I yearn for is mine to have.
If all is revealed to me, what would I see?

So many endless questions they baffle me.
So much answered and yet more unanswered.

How do I climb the knowledge tree?
How do I take it home with me?

The more I find the more I am lost.
The deeper my knowledge, of what I know, I grow to distrust.


— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




Unfinished Business
Sonnets to complete for you
Paintings just begun
Music pieces unwritten
Drama yet to be acted.

Story to be told
If all is accomplished soon
I will feel fulfilled
Joyful feelings will I have,
as my dreams are completed


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




Northern lights I am
Aurora Borealis
Bright and beautiful
My sister the southern lights
is Aurora Australis.

Heavens we adorn
Our fame is truly your gain
Product of a shield
a truly magnetic field
that protects you and repels.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




I walk this earth proud of what I am.
For I do what I can.
I do what I want.
Each step I take is measured.
Never to offend.
I care not for unearned accolades.
The only reflection of me that I value is the one that I can face each day.
I need bow to no one and none should bow to me.
I stand tall, with eyes to the sky and beyond.
The path I take will not impede you.
You are welcomed in my presence and you need not be in my shadow.
Regardless of your status or stature I will greet you as equal.
No shadow do I wish to leave that is too big or too small.
I stand by my values and in this way you will always know where to find me.
I do not fear your gaze neither will I gaze down at you.
I will accept you for what you are and expect the same from you.
I trust that my spirit will amaze you for what it offers.
I will earn my place in this life.
I will earn your respect by my deeds and thoughts.
And yet, my respect is given to you freely until such time you prove unworthy.



 J M Lysun

Sand between my toes



As everyone knows, I don’t like sand between my toes.

It bothers me, and it shows.

I cannot stand that everybody knows.

A loose grain, rubbing and grazing my soft baby skin.
When it’s sensitive and very thin.

I hate the feeling, yes I do, so why don’t you?

Why should it be considered fun to sink under a pile of sand?
When all I want is just to stand.

Oh how I hate sand between my toes.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




With time and space I race,
streaking across your face.
The wind is behind me, clearly giving chase.

Away, I go in full flow.
No shadow will I show.

Though darkness is my companion,
where I journey, all is revealed.

There are many articles written that say I am a particle
but I do not care for with a wave I go.

Though, I must yield to the mass with great gravity.
I am as free as can be.

My aura makes all things in my path visible.
But time limits my existence.
For in time, I will fade.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

Summer by the sea


summerby the sea

A summer by the sea is very good for me.
Air so fresh, breeze so cool.
All I need now is for you to be with me.

I wish everyday could be like this.
So full of joy, so merry.

How I love the ocean, the sound of waves, oh how refreshing,
to feel cool droplets on my face.

Such pleasure at leisure makes my heart begin to race.
Oh, how I love the feeling of open space.

Peace tranquility, that’s what summer by the sea will always mean to me.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




With our minds the world we make.
Whatever you say, my views on that, you will not shake.
What is darkness? What is light?
With newfound wisdom, all that you have will be delight.

Your moods may swing from left to right.
What you find may not be what you like.

But be aware that you possess more that normal sight.
You can choose to see the world, upside down or inside out.

Remember, no matter what you hear and see
it’s your mind that makes it be.

If you wish, high above the skies will reign,
then down below will seem just plain.

My advice to you is clear, there is nothing much in life to fear.
What you seek is what you’ll find.

Never leave your dreams behind.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.






From far away it calls to me.
Clouds brewing across the sea.
With rage at each stage it rumbles and with that sound,
water from the sky will tumble.

It is the ultimate rage that you cannot cage.

Lightning will flash and day will turn to night.
Fierce winds will blow and waves will grow.
In its wake, devastation it will surely sow.

In time its force will dissipate.
Its anger subside.

But to those who bear its brunt.
Alas, time comes too late and their fate is sealed.
With damage done, they can only pray their wounds will heal.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




I was there at the beginning and will be there at the end.

I give shape to all that are and will be.
You feel my presence and yet my form eludes you.
You seek to understand me but you cannot.

For I exist, in a plane that is unfathomable through reasoning.
You may glimpse my shadow as it was, but of me, you will have no view.
But in you I will always be, but of me, you will never see.
The path I tread none can follow and yet you know that we will meet somewhere, sometime tomorrow.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




So many times I’ve heard the word culture used and often abused.
I am cultured they say, you are not.
I embrace culture whilst you cannot.
In my culture we do this or that and you do not.

It’s really saying this belongs to me and not to you.
What I choose to do, you should too.
It’s a way of justifying my actions in the face of adverse reactions.

Though there is some truth in what they say, I believe with words they try to play.
For culture is the clothes we decide to wear, its neither here nor there.
It’s really a way of saying, of what I am, I care.

We use the word to define our needs and hope to plant some seeds.
We emphatically convince ourselves it is static but the truth is it can be erratic. If only we knew.

There is nothing wrong with trying to preserve, if more time it truly deserves.
But time waits for no one and in time what I hold true to my heart, from others it will depart.

History, speaks loudly of such things, look at the words we use, the songs we sing, the things we eat, the way we speak.

What defines us is always changing, and so far ranging.
What is a rage today, is another page tomorrow.

Culture to me is a word of division, constantly inspired by revision.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

Bedtime nightmares



Night comes and our minds grow restless.
What we cannot see drives our imagination senseless.

Every sound we hear, inspires us to fear.
What hides in the shadow, to our minds is never clear.

Things glowing in the dark.
Shadows moving like a shark.

When alone, these are what make us tremble.
As our sanity, it seeks to disassemble.

Cowering under covers, we seek to flee.
From fearful creatures that we cannot see.

Even as sleep calls and our minds it seeks to lock,
we resist for fear of the beast, our dreams might soon release.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

The error of my ways



Some say I am too noisy, too rash, too mean,
too plain, in fact too much of everything.

But others don’t claim the same.

I know there is much imperfection in me
I cling through lack of affection,
I sing to gain some attention.

But why is this so wrong?

I try to be what others want but I can’t.
I try to emulate, failing that I even try to simulate and they call me fake.

In despair, I try my unpopular habits break, and my image shake,
for every one’s sake, but a new man I cannot make.

Alas, I am resolved to be just me.

Though I will try to curb my excesses,
I will instead mainly focus on my successes.

To those who still can’t deal with me, for goodness sake, just give me a break!


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

In the eternal emptiness


in the emptiness

I hear nothing and nothing hears me.
The silence is eternal.

No voice to break the peace.
No shadow to cast in the dark.
No substance to touch and feel.

No tastes, no odours to smell.
No colours, no warmth.

What is, eludes my senses.
Soon, I too will begin to doubt that I am,
for only my mind knows I exist.

Lulled by a nothingness I cannot resist,
in time what I am will also fade.

With nothing to reflect my presence or to preserve my essence,
only the eternal emptiness awaits.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

My brother



I have an older brother who is a bit of a bother.

He calls me names, my things he claims.

I wish I could swap him for another.


He is truly annoying this brother of mine.

He toys with my hair, he refuses to share.

He even breaks my things and doesn’t really care.


Just the other day I asked him to play,

he messed up my bedroom with nothing to say.


Oh why, oh why do I have a brother?

That’s why I told my mother and father, I don’t want another!


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




To know that you do not know.

To accept that there are things that cannot be seen.

That is the seed of wisdom.

Be not blind to the truth, or be blinded by what you perceive.

In this way, our minds our soul will not deceive.

Seek not what you do not need.

Do not yearn for what cannot be.

Leave the past where it lies and meet the future when it comes,

but be present in the “now”  before it is gone.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.





Time passes with joy.

Endless moments and memories to treasure.

Everything moving at its own pace, bringing pleasure.

No haste, for every moment is worth savouring.

No extra moment need favouring, for all is well.

A trouble becomes no more than a stumble.

A loss is glanced aside by no more than a mumble.

Radiant smiles all around you.

What you see is bright and cheerful.

No space for sorrow,

that you will leave until tomorrow.  

Happiness will set you free.

— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

The journey



The path is long to somewhere,
and can be endless to nowhere.

But along it, we must go
if progress we are to show.

However many turns in our journey make,
never allow your resolve to shake.

One step after another is what we must take.
It can be long, it can be short, you can even take a break.
But never dwell too long on your mistake.

For a long lonely journey we must travel for our sake.
For all to see, that it was me, is what I seek.
If you make the journey you will know of what I speak.

There is nothing right or wrong if you persist
but stubbornness you must resist.

Such a long journey I must take!


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.