The error of my ways



Some say I am too noisy, too rash, too mean,
too plain, in fact too much of everything.

But others don’t claim the same.

I know there is much imperfection in me
I cling through lack of affection,
I sing to gain some attention.

But why is this so wrong?

I try to be what others want but I can’t.
I try to emulate, failing that I even try to simulate and they call me fake.

In despair, I try my unpopular habits break, and my image shake,
for every one’s sake, but a new man I cannot make.

Alas, I am resolved to be just me.

Though I will try to curb my excesses,
I will instead mainly focus on my successes.

To those who still can’t deal with me, for goodness sake, just give me a break!


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.


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