I walk this earth proud of what I am.
For I do what I can.
I do what I want.
Each step I take is measured.
Never to offend.
I care not for unearned accolades.
The only reflection of me that I value is the one that I can face each day.
I need bow to no one and none should bow to me.
I stand tall, with eyes to the sky and beyond.
The path I take will not impede you.
You are welcomed in my presence and you need not be in my shadow.
Regardless of your status or stature I will greet you as equal.
No shadow do I wish to leave that is too big or too small.
I stand by my values and in this way you will always know where to find me.
I do not fear your gaze neither will I gaze down at you.
I will accept you for what you are and expect the same from you.
I trust that my spirit will amaze you for what it offers.
I will earn my place in this life.
I will earn your respect by my deeds and thoughts.
And yet, my respect is given to you freely until such time you prove unworthy.



 J M Lysun

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