With a restless mind,
full of unforgiving intrusions,
ripping the layered shields.

A glint of sorrow,
betrays my thoughts of moments past.

Trapped in the past,
and the realm of the damned.
My tormented soul is,
with endless question, captured.

A haunting question lingers on my lips
“If Only?” I hear it utter as it points, to blame.
Weighted and sharp, like a dagger,
it pierces my mortal heart,
to cause such pain,
anguish and shame.

Though with deceiving words, to the world,
the weight of truth I do conceal.

But my remorseful eyes cast a shadow that betrays me.

Tears of sorrow and remorse bleed
through the crevices of my eyes to remind me
of what could and should have been.

I am forever condemned by my words and deeds
and must,

my conscience,

through truth appease.



J M Lysun

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