Memories of London



All know the beauty that is Paris,
and that its fame is justly claimed,
but the beauty of London, to some, is just the same.

If you walk along the Thames at night,
you’d be amazed at the wondrous sights.

Old and new come into view.
You can see where many stories grew.

Its beauty is truly outstanding in the night
where shadows play with the gentle burning light.

Of the day there’s much, much, more to say
even if the weather’s grey.

Numerous Towers and bridges you will see.
Abbeys and Cathedrals are always free.

Galleries and museums line the streets,
where history and pleasure, there you’ll greet.

At Trafalgar Square, your eyes will stare,
as many heroes are honoured there.

Piccadilly Circus is where shopping and culture meets
on the buzzing lively, London streets.

If Shakespeare’s plays are what you want to see
then there’s no better place for you to be.

There is much more that I can share
but its best for your to venture there.



J M Lysun



2 thoughts on “Memories of London

  1. Thanks for visiting my humble blog and taking time to leave a like! I have enjoyed exploring yours and this poem has brought back my own memories of London. All the best to you in your writing success!

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