Cleopatra’s needle -London



One of three obelisks bearing the name Cleopatra’s Needle.
The Sphinxes were meant to face away from the obelisk.



So alone and ignored.
With guardian sphinxes,
staring at you mockingly.
A Symbol of Ancient Egyptian glory;
now merely a trophy,
mounted, presented
and even forgotten.
Your once proud granite face,
looking gaunt and misplaced,
concealed in plain sight,
amongst an alien scenery.
How knowing you were given away,
by your own kin,
must rankle your heart.
Oh, the shame.
What befell your people?
What brought them low?
The glories etched on your
sides are now forgotten
by those passing in your shadow.
To be touched and marked by Kings,
then for millennia ignored.
“Oh, Cleopatra, Caesar, Mark Antony”
I hear you cry in anguish.
How tormenting it must be,
to be witness to so much and
be silenced by time.


J M Lysun


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