There be dragons



Torn between darkness and light,
Exuding heaven’s might,
The golden winged serpent flies,
Across the open skies.

With opened wings so vast,
It flies without a care.
With an endless shadow cast,
It rises in the air.

Bringing its mighty wings to bear,
Armours glistening in the sun,
Its brightness draws a stare,
Spoiling all the fun.

Looking full of heaven’s glory,
Silent and golden bright.
As foretold in many a story,
Its truly an awesome sight.

Seeing the mighty fire breather,
High above was rare,
The villagers break into fever,
And launch arrows in the air.

This disturbed the mighty dragon,
Who gave them an angry glare.
He set fire to an empty wagon,
To give them all a scare.


J M Lysun


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