Changes in our time



The sign of our time,
Is the change in clime.
With water everywhere,
But not a drop to spare.
We try to harness the sun,
To make everything run.
We look towards the oceans,
To harness all its motions.
We look towards the wind,
To harness all the spin.
But of the many things we do,
Curbing our needs is overdue.
With much waste to dispose,
Used in haste we should oppose.
Why so many lights in the night,
When there’s no one on site?
Why create things that delight,
When our oceans they do blight?
With land and oceans polluted,
Treasures of the earth all looted.
With virgin forests depleting,
Carnage everywhere repeating.
Where do we go from here?
Can you not sense the fear?
Tornadoes more frequent
Polar melting in sequent.
Isn’t it time to change,
And to think long range?
It’s time to end the madness,
And stop the future sadness.



J M Lysun




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