Cast away



Blinded by sorrow
Mist surrounds my tearful eyes
If I could only see tomorrow
That would be my prize

What luck to be cast away
Left to the mercy of the ocean
In this tiny boat I sway
Feeling every sickly motion

As day light turns to dark
My hope quickly fades
With everywhere looking stark
I live amongst the shades

My heart like a solemn drum
Beats to a rhythm I can’t keep
Along with a mournful hum
Comes tunes that cannot sleep

But at last the clouds did part
And the moon did touch my face
My eyes did start
As my heart began to race

For in the not too distance
Salvation I could see
Rowing at my hearts insistence
I knew home I had to be


J M Lysun

Merely human



If I am not mistaken?
I’ve made mistakes
With eyes bewildered
Mind confound
I drift around
And make no ground
I lost my grip
My mind did slip
All adding to confusion
Or was it a delusion?
The errors I made
Shortcuts I took
The decisions I faced
Reasons I raced
Just proves
I’m merely human

J M Lysun

across empty space



Since when did darkness swear to forgive the soul?
No, you’re mistaken, not in this life was set, this goal.
For darkness cares not for light of day,
Does not wish to see our souls at play.
Born before the tick of time.
To it brightness and colour are but a crime.
Never did it wish to see the light of day.
Caring not what light would say.
Seeing colours adorn the earth and sky,
Darkness you will hear with thunder cry.
Only when in gloom our head do rest,
And with darkness dwell at his bequest.
That we see his mirthful smile
Seeking to our soul, beguile.
Be not content to listen to his idle words,
Or he will bind you to his mindless herds.
Darkness is ever mournful of the silent lost,
Dreams and schemes of bringing back the frost.
Watching light across the fabric of space expand,
Its endless colours and growth he seeks to ban.
Only wishing utter darkness to grace his face,
That’s why with light he seeks to race.
With determination and patience, light he will resist,
As he knows well that even light cannot persist.
But don’t lose heart with what I say,
Remember time will do its best to bar his way-
Leaving more than enough time for us to play.

J M Lysun

bad memories



Oh, memories of yesterday
How you play with me.
In my mind you stay
Refusing to let me be

I spent a night under the stars
Mesmerised by the glitter
Hoping to forget all the scars
That in my mind you do litter

Gazing at trees by day
Sitting by a lake
Watching birds at play
Forgetting all the ache

Not alone for a moment
Keeping ever distracted
Trying to avoid the torment
From being re-enacted

Oh, memories of yesterday
Why won’t you let me be?
With you I cannot stay
It’s time to set me free


J M Lysun

A moonlit night



Scattering petals in a ring
Whilst sprinkling magic in the air
Fairies dance and sing
At this moment very rare

With summer near its end
Blessed by the harvest moon
Joy will fairies send
Packaged in a happy tune

With night long and bright
Many come out to see
In this moonlit night
Fairies dancing by the tree

J M Lysun

Science confused?




Our understanding of science is often misquoted.
So obscure is human knowledge,
It is easy to misread,
To promise more than science has noted.

Not unlike day and night,
Many theories come and go,
There’s really nothing permanent,
For us show.

The universal truths we expound today,
Whatever some may say,
Are no more than steps we take,
to true knowledge along the way.



A clear example is in our understanding of the Cosmological Singularity (Black Hole)

So much is written about something that is so little understood,
as if not just matter is drawn to it but also our thoughts.

However intellectually compelling this mystery is to unravel,
nothing of its nature is truly known beyond the mathematics that
supposedly describe it.

From where we stand on the edge of a vast galaxy, what happens
at its heart is presently beyond the reach of our observation and understanding.
Just as it is impossible to expect ants on a plate to know the order and
placement of dishes on a table, like wise the human mind is blinded by
the enormity of what is transpiring so far away.

So instead, we look for an analog and study the Vortices, found in our kitchen sink,
and by explain their boundaries mathematically we seek to unravel the mysteries
of the cosmological singularity.

With only a few minds able to fully understand what is, even now, often erroneously
understood, it’s not surprising the true nature of this phenomenon is still beyond
even our greatest minds. They continue to theorise, speculate, insinuate,
in a never ending intellectual game; with the public more certain of what science
and mathematics has revealed than often the scientists themselves.

As neatly summed up by Albert Einstein
“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain,
and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.


J M Lysun




If there is beginning,
Must there be end?
This question my mind,
Does madness send.
I hear loud laughter,
About what I’m after.
Being never too kind,
The internal voice,
Affronts my mind.
Answering questions,
With questions.
Matching words,
With words.
More nonsense,
Than I’ve ever heard.
Round and round,
The arguments go,
Where will it stop?
I do not know.


J M Lysun

A growing separation



An alternative to “a growing love“

In the spring of our encounter all blossomed in our wake.
Surrounded by beauty, the darkness of the world could not touch us.

As you touched my life like a summer breeze, you brought a myriad of colours,
that opened doors once sealed to my heart that allowed hope, long buried,
to once again stir into life and bring love and happiness to emptiness.
You were a refreshing breathe of air that brushed aside the stifling heat of summer.

But by the autumn of our time together the bloom began to fade and the once
sweet, rosy aura that was our bond had succumb to the arid air of discontentment;
suffocating, the once abundant love turned into a nothingness, that neither of us
could cherish. We watched as unforgiving, biting frost was brought too soon
into the autumn of our love, with not enough warmth saved from summer to
give comfort. We witnessed the illusion of love fade under the cold icy layers of blind
fury determined to conceal the once abundant affection.

By the winter of our union, bitterness was all that remained. With nothing else to hold
but a fragile peace; a desire for freedom grew into an irresistible, all consuming,
force. Wave after wave the noise of our divided hearts drove us apart; enticing us
with the promise and dream of a new beginning. A new spring.

J M Lysun

A summer night



One summer night
The moon did draw my gaze
Its bright crimson light
Did set the night ablaze

With a pearl like beaming glow
And a dark side that can’t be seen
I sensed my feelings grow
For a place where my heart has been

If it wasn’t for the radiant sun
I know its glow would not be there
Night would lose its fun
And the sun would waste its glare

Sharing abundant light with night
always pointing towards tomorrow
With its gleaming smile and gentle might
Banishing all of sorrow

Always caring for the human race
From its place high above
It does ocean tides embrace
With endless love


J M Lysun

Now is all we have






To never see tomorrow
To be in the middle of today
When yesterday was full of sorrow
Today I’m ready to play

What does it say of me?
What have I failed to see?
Answer: May be that the future’s not clear to me?
Answer: that I don’t know where next I’ll be

But what I do know is that today will be gone,
Tomorrow never comes, yesterday is clearly over
And it’s only with “now” that I can stay.

J M Lysun

a growing love




In the spring of our encounter all blossomed in our wake.
Surrounded by beauty, the darkness of the world
Could not touch us.

As you touched my life like a summer breeze,
You brought a myriad of colours,
That opened doors once sealed to my heart
That allowed hope, long buried,
To once again stir into life and bring love
And happiness to emptiness.
You were a refreshing breathe of air
That brushed aside the stifling heat of summer.

By the autumn so bountiful was that love.
Matured by basking in endless summer,
Much warmth was saved and nurtured,
So that our bond grew ever stronger.
The strife that often marred relationships
Was contained and diluted by the abundant
Flow of affections that would insulate us
From the approaching winter.

When winter did finally arrive, as it always did,
Its biting frost was kept at bay by memories,
Founded on love and respect.
Clinging to these, the seeds of bitterness
And regret were never allowed to sow.
Love endured the changing of seasons
And did blossom in sun, rain and
Storm , refusing to fade into nothingness.
Cherishing every bump along the way,
We held tightly to this precious love;
As we followed the stream of life
In a synchronised embrace towards eternity.

J M Lysun

Bumble bee



I hear the buzz of the bumble bee
I hear it loudly as it comes to me
Buzz, Buzz, in my ears
Triggering my primal fears
As much as I like to watch it fly
If it comes too close it will make me cry
So much terror in its sting
But so much goodness it also brings
Oh, great pollinator of this earth
Without you flowers wont give birth
Because I know that this is true
I can bear to live with you.


J M Lysun

The great equaliser



Love blossoms in the strangest of places;
Caring not about wealth, looks, status or
The multitude of barriers,
That could others sway.

The great equaliser, transcends
The mirror of our illusory world.
Forever open, forever inspiring;
To all who seek it.

Always bringing end to loneliness,
Gifting us with pain as a reminder,
That we are alive and should savour,
Every moment of Gods gift.

J M Lysun

Echoes of Alexander the Great



I claim much of this world
and yet it was never mine to claim

I expect much of this world
when nothing to me was ever promised

I desire much in this world
that I know will not last and I can never keep

So, it should not be surprising that in this world,
there is really not much that I truly understand

I arrived on this world naked and bare
and know I will depart with my hands empty.

J M Lysun




As I look outside I see the world go by.
I wonder if it’s the same, when in my bed I lie?
Is what I observe simply life in motion?
Of what happens, when I look away I have no notion.
I often wonder if you are merely there when I stare?
But accepting your none existence I do not dare.
I clearly feel your presence by your shadow cast.
I know I am always happy when I hear your voice at last.
But what I’m experiencing I do not know.
I wonder if it’s all appearing just for show?
Though we think and therefore claim to be the deal.
Maybe what I touch, see and feel are never real.
I know that all I find are clearly meant for me.
Placed around to play and see;
Always stirring emotions I’m meant to feel.
Giving ideas that are easy to congeal.
Not a thing I find that’s out of place,
Nothing bolted for me in haste.
Even what I imagine is neatly confined,
To parameters I expect and am conditioned to find;
Fairies and aliens with arms and legs, eyes and nose.
Everything we expect clearly shows.
Predefined and cut from creatures previously observed.
Recombined and the same way served.
As much as my mind wonders,
And on the question of existence it ponders,
I know that “reality” is all I am meant to see,
That beyond this curtain, it’s clear, I’ll never be.



J M Lysun

The soothing sea



What a sweet melody I hear by the sea?
With the wind whistling and sound of
waves crashing, smashing against the rocks.
Relentless, deliberate and soothing all in one.
Drawing the listener into a mind absorbing,
pleasurable journey where even the texture of sand,
rock and water is inexplicably felt. Urged on to
pervade our inner most senses by the salty fishy smell
of the ocean, our subconscious memories, begin to
paint such vivid imagery that there is no need for sight.
It is as if every grain of sand and feel of rock now reside
in our mind. Such is the clarity and fluidity of
the experience that almost nothing can divert us from
the sensations…Except the maddening cries and the
intrusion of the ever hungry calls of seagulls;
So harsh and lonely are the cries that appeal to
our humanity, that they alone succeed to temporarily
swamp the ever encroaching crashing waves. But a
moment later they are gone and once more our primal
thoughts are stimulated and we again find ourselves
surrendering to the serene sound of perfection;
Gently lulling us into blissful forgetfulness. Every grain
of thought blocking the arteries of our mind are washed away,
by wave after wave of solace until at last, with an approving
nod from the sun, all suddenly fall silent; as our mind and
body flow as one with nature and we find restful peace.

J M Lysun

Suffering for love



How is it that you still doubt my love?
That I love you should be apparent
In my tears and suffering
The fact that I am still
Here speaks loudly
Of the ferocity
Of this
That cares
With gentleness
Speaks ever softly
Of always being present
Shedding tears of happiness
Reflecting joy, longing to be seen
Undoubtedly embracing your rhythm


J M Lysun

The River



Meanders in the river Dart south of Totnes in South Devon England

 Dancing, romancing,
Gracefully along,
The endless bank.
Wave after wave,
Turn after turn,
Splash after splash,
In tune with the wind,
Mindful of each rock,
Smooth and flowing,
Rhythmically swaying,
Moulding to each curve,
Carrying everything,
And anything in
A relentless flow of,
Life imbuing energy.
Giving and yet harsh,
Patiently stripping layer,
After layer of resistance.
Tearing through rocks,
With a gentle caress.
Ever caring, nurturing,
As it meanders on its
Journey home, where it
Is quick to lovingly embrace,
The patiently waiting ocean.


J M Lysun

Feet in action


 Dancing Feet

Tread lightly in the dark
Step on leaves in the park
Walk and never stop
Hop and never drop
Run to have some fun
Stroll in the sun
Skip but never dip
Jump and never slip
Race along this place
Pace for a distant race
Dance to enhance
Prance to advance
Leap not too steep
Creep without a peep
Slide across the floor
Glide towards the door
Hobble when you’re struck
Waddle like a duck…


J M Lysun




As a shadow of what use to be
Imprisoned by time and can’t be free
How I wish the sun could grace my face
And the gentle wind, my hair displace
Alas, mine is not of life so blessed
Deep in darkness my head does rest
With no light to share this forsaken place
I make no sound for you to trace
Alone, I lie entombed in stone
As nothing more than dust and bone


J M Lysun