Dark side of immortality



If my quest for immortality
Were truly blessed-
What price would
I now pay?

To live a thousand years
And much, much, more.
To see the endless tears,
Tearing at my core.

To cast a shadow,
That knows no end,
In an eternal meadow
That light can’t tend.

To witness happy moments,
Escape my grasp,
leaving unending torment,
That will ever last.

To be, detached from time,
And see boredom claim my mind.
Surely, life will turn to grind,
For this everlasting crime.

Oh, to live with love and loss,
Forever entwine-,
As a stream of dross,
For insanity to find;

Though death I would deny,
Pain I would now gain.
With such pleasure wry,
Surely life will be my bane.


J M Lysun

3 thoughts on “Dark side of immortality

  1. Ohhhh, JM, this one is deep, and I honestly don’t understand all of it. Let me try again …. hold on …. I am reading this outloud and slowly …. Immortality no thank you. Yes those who Love deeply experience deep darkness. Yet in order to stay in the Light in a meadow where the sun does shine, one must again find Love past that shadow then never ends. When we Love and have loss, that loss can destroy us if we allow it to. Many a loss I have lived yet I still choose Love even though I know that shadow without end well. Much to absorb here, JM. Hope my comment did your poem justice. Love, Amy

    • I love your interpretation. I think the question of immortality or mortality plagues every mind and everyone has a particular take on the subject. The darker implications are very real, not being able to take your loved ones with you on your eternal journey…how lonely?!

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