A growing separation



An alternative to “a growing love“

In the spring of our encounter all blossomed in our wake.
Surrounded by beauty, the darkness of the world could not touch us.

As you touched my life like a summer breeze, you brought a myriad of colours,
that opened doors once sealed to my heart that allowed hope, long buried,
to once again stir into life and bring love and happiness to emptiness.
You were a refreshing breathe of air that brushed aside the stifling heat of summer.

But by the autumn of our time together the bloom began to fade and the once
sweet, rosy aura that was our bond had succumb to the arid air of discontentment;
suffocating, the once abundant love turned into a nothingness, that neither of us
could cherish. We watched as unforgiving, biting frost was brought too soon
into the autumn of our love, with not enough warmth saved from summer to
give comfort. We witnessed the illusion of love fade under the cold icy layers of blind
fury determined to conceal the once abundant affection.

By the winter of our union, bitterness was all that remained. With nothing else to hold
but a fragile peace; a desire for freedom grew into an irresistible, all consuming,
force. Wave after wave the noise of our divided hearts drove us apart; enticing us
with the promise and dream of a new beginning. A new spring.

J M Lysun


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