A Halloween dare



Dong, dong, dong,… ring the bells at the midnight hour.
Alone with shades, here I stand in the haunted tower.
Oh, ever restless night, how I hear your awful groans.
Oh, how overburden, my ears become, with your unearthly tones.
With the wind singing mournfully to my fearful heart.
The sight of total darkness, driving my courage to depart.
I wonder what drove me to enter this frightful place?
Every moment I fight the urge to flee, to avoid disgrace.
With every shadow feeling colder than should be,
My mind begins to wonder what I would see.
Every wretched sound, I hear whispered to my fearful heart.
Dread and chill they bury in my bones to hasten my depart.
With creaking boards buckling under my wobbly feet,
Eerie feelings force my heart to count every single beat.
Uncontrollable sweat along my brows begin to break,
And with my frightful hands, the rest of me begin to shake.
Not one word did the silent shadow need to utter.
With a single glance my timid heart began to flutter.
At that moment, I felt something warn me to quickly part.
In this haunted place, I dare not wait for Halloween to truly start.

J M Lysun