Happy New Year!!!


Another leaf turned,
Another moment departs.

With the past left behind,
And a future to find,
Whatever may arrive –
With it may you thrive!

No ocean too deep,
No mountains too high.

Let’s reach for the sky,
As we now say goodbye.
Toast memories of past,
And the joy that will last.

Put away all the tears.
Put away all the fears.

Let hearts pound like a drum,
Cheering the future to come,
How with a smile on your face,
All of heaven, you will grace.

Forgotten history


Living in a world full of mystery
Where we don’t fully know our history

We are left full of crazy notions
Of how our ancestors crossed the oceans

Did they row or did they sail?
How is it that they did not fail?

Across the ocean blue I heard they came
A precise time for this, we cannot frame

They walked across the land, across the sand
Did they come this way where I now stand?

Did they look like you and me?
Did they see creatures that made them flee?

I can’t imagine that if it was you or I
Whether we’d make a map of the open sky

With boulders huge they marked the stars
All around us they left their scars

They understood so long ago
That with time, where the stars would go

So precise were their stone device
How were they built and at what price?

Why to heaven did they intensely stare?
So many answers they did not share

Like the rest of us, I can only guess
That’s why our knowledge is still a mess.

On Christmas Day


On this very special day
Eyes to heaven will turn to pray

May the sun shine bright
May your heart delight

On this very special day
You will see joy as children play

May this warm your heart
May it make darkness part

On this very special day
All that’s left for me to say

May the skies be clear
May celebrations bring cheer

Wishing you All a Merry Christmas!

Not so different


When I look upon the world I see
There are colours of many hues.
When I look at you and me
I see an ocean of different views.

Though different in many ways
Much of what we do is clearly same.
We’re merely actors in different plays
Inspired by dreams to claim our fame.

Like the earth and moon in a dance
Who from the sun can’t be free.
When you glance as I advance
Your future you can’t help but see.

Though what you paint is meant for you
What I see painted can work for me.
Our differing thoughts can both be true
Just give it a try and you will see

Some want the sky to be always blue
Others seek to be different and want it red.
But what might work for both me and you
Is to change colours each day instead.

One should not seek to bar the other
There’s always space for all to be.
Differences between brother and brother
Should not really bother you and me.

The rush.


After wave,
Come barging,
Demanding space.
Figures all.
Overly agitated,
Staring, glaring.
By endless,
Pointless chatter.
To suffering.
Hating, regretting.
Very moment,
Setting foot
Detesting the
Even more.
I stand.

the seed of life



Neither the sun, nor moon,
Will outlive my light,
For what I leave behind,
Is not merely a shadow,
It flows in everything
In every moment.
No words can capture,
My true beauty.
No paint brush my,
Endless glow.
What I speak of is,
The seed of life that breathes,
Transcending the stars.
I flicker and take root.
Nothing for me is too hostile,
Or too great to surmount.
With the love that I bear,
And the love that I bring,
The entire universe knows me.
Seek and my presence will be,
Revealed for all to see.
Know I will be there waiting,
Now, and forever more.