life is precarious


life in a balance
in the wind will sway
either left or right
it will never stay

along a thin line
walking everyday
taking cautious steps
trying not to stray

walking on the edge
now confused by change
taking each new step
will often feel strange

forward we must walk
balanced on a rope
with nowhere to go
don’t rely on hope

staying on the ledge
living without care
time you have to use
life you have to share

now stay on the move
and things will be fine
always stay focused
balanced on the line

swaying in the wind
a lot I have seen
know you have to cope
where others have been

life in a balance
in the wind will sway
once you know the game
in the wind, you’ll play

precious times


with loved ones, time I wish to spend
not just now, or for tomorrow,
but really to the very end.

in my heart their joy and tears I keep,
not just to view in the light of day,
but also to view them in my sleep.

never should I live with regret,
the path I take and things I make,
with time, are never always set.

Captured with words


So much written
So many words
That sing to my soul

Like endless dreams
They stream from minds
To awaken awareness

One moment touched
The next moved
All the while enthralled

Never is there stillness
To dull emotions-
All vibrating to a dance

Rhythmic and sweet
Or burdened by sadness-
They arrive!

Here to arouse laughter
Or countless tears
They roam our minds

More than knowledge
More than wisdom
We’re made to feel

Verging on madness
Beyond logic and sense
They wondrously sing

Speaking of a truth
So pure, that time
loses meaning

With immortal visions
They inscribe beauty
In minds and hearts

Inspiring ideals
And deep love
Without end

Infinite as the universe
They timelessly flow
Into existence

Inviting us to note
Discover, examine
All of consciousness

Sparking beauty
To make old realities
Pale in comparison

They move us forward
Towards the light
Of a new dawn



Dear All,

There is a special young lady that needs your help!

Maryam Khamis is an 11 year old super talented pianist that my family has known for many years. She has just entered the CBC Piano Hero Contest and needs your support.

If you can spare some time, please go and make her dream come true and vote for her online. She is playing “Nocturne in C-sharp minor” by Fryderyk Chopin. Voting closes on Jan 22, 2015.

Thank you!


Wycliffe Bible


Dear ALL,

A friend of mine, Terry Noble, has recently published an interesting work that I’d like to bring to your attention.

True to the spirit of John Wycliffe, he has produced a MODERN-SPELLING version of the original Wycliffe Bible, making the EARLIEST complete English translation of the Bible accessible to all.

Although I haven’t read it, and am not promoting any version of the Bible over another,I believe this is a very interesting topic that may be of interest to you.

Wycliffe’s Bible ($30) and Wycliffe’s Apocrypha ($25), modern-spelling versions of the 14th century Middle English translation by John Wycliffe and John Purvey, the first complete vernacular English Bible, available at

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Tears blowing in the wind


Tears flowing in the wind,
Dust taken for a spin.
All around me they dance,
Wherever I glance.

Swaying gracefully they fall,
Merciful they are small.
Not for them a thudding crash,
As they never arrive in a flash.

Arriving constant, light and gentle,
This can drive me mental.
Accumulating in a pile,
Doing it with some style.

Never ending dust in air,
All day long at them I stare.
I wonder from where they come?
They are even on my thumb.

Seeing dust, can bring me tears,
Fed up cleaning all these years.
Hope they’re gone by light of day,
As I need some time to play.

changed by time


As a young child, oh, how I dreamt as others did.
Not one of my moments was ever filled with doubt.
Being much too young to know I had limits,
I dared to claim to be the sky not its reflection.
I dared to claim all as mine to play with,
Expecting the sun and moon, to always light my way.
I knew the howling wind as my companion,
Certain it would announce my place in the world.
Born, ever hungry for love, I consumed it voraciously,
From the moment I suckled on my mother’s milk.
Selfishly I clung to every moment in the sun,
Basking in adoration as if there was no tomorrow.
Having not yet felt the bitterness of betrayal,
Or remorse of mistakes, regret was not known to me.
The only tears I shed then were to tame hearts and minds.
What seems like dreams today, I knew as the future.
Reality and magic breathed the same fire to my soul,
And made all seem so possible and so real.
Now that spring has rolled over the mountains,
And summer across the oceans, what I am left with
Is the truth, which now scars my once youthful face.
Gone is the innocence, to be replaced by experience,
That has taught me how to fashion my own path:
By flowing with the wind, smiling with the sun,
Dancing with the moon, and embracing the dark.
In this way, I now add my voice to the chorus of life,
By gently painting my features into its landscape,
Not with indelible ink, but with flowing grains of sand,
So that I may be easily remade again, and again by
The nurturing breath of love that brings peace to hearts,
And unending hope to my soul in the storm of life.