Life has meaning?


The meaning of life?
So much time is wasted searching
rather than living.
In the end, it matters not
from where the stream flows
that it does is the miracle.

What value does it add to draw
meaning from an open book
with words yet to be written;
where essence, even when captured
in words, is but a shadow of what came
before and what will come after.

Tears of oppression



O rise you brave indignant souls
enough of lifeless tears
drained from hidden wells.

Come forth to share the light
and bask in open truth
to cleanse your mortal stains.

No more should you in silence bear
the injustice of a passing wind
whose voice speaks of oppression.

Give not your tormentors
strength through your silence
but speak not as a lover scorned.

And through strength of a blade
indiscriminately strike random hearts
and wound thy precious soul.

Gather great courage in your voice
and know that it is more than
match for what ails this world.

Let it bellow loudly to awaken
dormant hearts to your cause
and thus through conscience touch.

To raise such fire in their blood
that wouldst injustice slay and
be the cause of peaceful change.

The storm we bring


distant storm

Towards distant skies
eyes wander,
minds ponder,
at storms to come.
Heralded by
ominous clouds
and uncertainties,
unrecognisable seasons
arrive and linger,
to spread veiled threats
that stay to mar
known landscapes.

How I yearn
for the predictability
of years gone by,
when winter
meant blinding
whiteness that
cap mountains
and gentle snow
buffeting cities,
or when summer skies
were left free from
autumns tears

Alas, confusion
now reigns where
trees know not
when to shed
and flowers
when to bloom.
The storms that
come bring
to rewrite

Such storms
care not
for our suffering,
nor has time
for ignorance,
or for carelessness.
They come
to spite us,
to remind us
of the change we bring
and the storm
we are.

Be gentle with my love



Be gentle my beating heart
Let not love with ease depart
Soft and gently hold me tight
In your arms to find delight

In your eyes, my soul is wrapped
In your smile, all joy is trapped
Please take time to look at me
Light the flame and set love free

Be gentle, oh swaying wind
Of my love, do not rescind
In your hands my fate I place
Plant a kiss upon my face

Kiss me gently on my lips
Let not time, my joy eclipse
Filled with tears my eyes do swell
In your heart, I seek to dwell

All this love is mine to give
Without love, I could not live
Draw your heart now close to mine
In my beat, true love you’ll find