6 thoughts on “going supernova

  1. Are you sure our Sun is silent? Just a thought that ran through my head as I read your words. And what is the definition of Silence? In Silence isn’t that where we find Divinity? So is this what the Sun is doing if it is Silent, BEing Divine? You have my neurons firing off here, JM. Wow! Great post!! Love, Amy

    • I am glad my choice of words is proving to be stimulating! The sun is indeed loved by all that is divine and in the silence draws attention to its link to Divinity ! Always love your interpretations! 🙂

      • LOL You got me brain in a cramp, JM. I actually laid down for a wee bit and had to manually uncramp those muscles, I kid you not. That is why meditation is a must for me … to let go and BE. I’m always thinking … even when I am in my zone behind the camera . (smile)

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