unsolicited advice


so easy they flow
with silk like touch
that conscience
cannot with it bind
born of lips that preach
as if true light shines
from mere expressions
of moments observed
and stories retold
as if all wounds leave
the same scars
and bleed with
the same ferocity
they add weight to
alter balance
and direct minds
but even good intentions
often arrive ill timed
caring not from whence
the madness flowed
or whether the ship
is fit to steer the course
laid out so sweetly
with words that claim
the wisdom of ages
without offering
proof of salvation
or granting freedom
to deal with issues
in ones own way and pace
these cheap words
though easily spoken
in light of day
when touched by
personal darkness
is often cast aside
as pure madness
even by the voice that
did offer them to others

what is love?


love cares not
for empty vessels
primed by time
choosing instead
to hearts consume
and with touch render
the most sensible, fools
inspiring men to cry as babes
women to rage like lions
who so enslaved
by tender moments
cannot sanity contain
were it not for the flip
of a coin that could
also endearing joy
and courage bring
once awaken by true light
all would like illusions vanish
leaving only strife and pain
and not the beautiful thing
often spoken of in poetry

Les rêves – Dreams


A poem composed by my 13 year old daughter

On pense à des choses qui n’existent pas,
Dans ce rêve seul ou avec ton papa.
Il y a des choses grandes comme des avions
Et aussi fort que des tourbillons.

De grandes aventures dans ton sommeil,
Ce que tu vois au pays des merveilles.
Tous ces choses imaginaires,
Comme si on était plus sur terre.

Des lieux bizarres et inconnus,
Avec des arbres sans feuilles et nus.
Les étoiles brillent tellement fort,
Comme si ce n’était qu’un décor

Les enfants se mettent tous au lit,
Pour dormir longtemps pendant la nuit.
Quand tu as peur tes parents arrivent,
Aussi vite que des locomotives.

Parfois on pense à des choses qu’on aime,
Pour pouvoir l’écrire dans un poème.
Toutes choses semble si loin,
Dans ce long rêve inhumain.

clarity of mind


mind open
eyes closed
in the dark
who knows
no distractions
to divert
just memories
and imagined
clearer than day
darker than night
colours arrive
brighter than light
not illusions
others can gift
just delusions
consciousness shift
different shades
of light revealed
to our minds
they do appeal
eyes open
mind closed
what is seen
no one knows

more and more


drawn by beauty I have yet to see
filled with dreams of what should be
my heart now with shadows beat
ignoring what lies beside my feet

no time to spare for what is there
of what I have I fail to care
though what I seek is vague to me
from its claws I can’t be free

in my soul its dug so deep,
that peace eludes me in my sleep
these desires shape my mind
to make a restful moment hard to find

driven by desire for more and more,
my heart grows rotten at the core
convinced of needs I care not for
to only gather dust at deaths door

what foolish games I choose to play
for with what I gather I cannot stay
so easily bored with what is mine
how sad I covet what is thine