unsolicited advice


so easy they flow
with silk like touch
that conscience
cannot with it bind
born of lips that preach
as if true light shines
from mere expressions
of moments observed
and stories retold
as if all wounds leave
the same scars
and bleed with
the same ferocity
they add weight to
alter balance
and direct minds
but even good intentions
often arrive ill timed
caring not from whence
the madness flowed
or whether the ship
is fit to steer the course
laid out so sweetly
with words that claim
the wisdom of ages
without offering
proof of salvation
or granting freedom
to deal with issues
in ones own way and pace
these cheap words
though easily spoken
in light of day
when touched by
personal darkness
is often cast aside
as pure madness
even by the voice that
did offer them to others

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