one step at a time


from small hearts
grow greatness
if the heart is
willing to beat

for with care
tiny seeds
can grow into
towering trees

cast away
unworthy thoughts
that speak to
hinder aspirations

for the universe
was but
a single spark
that bloomed


9 thoughts on “one step at a time

    • Wow, not familiar with Jordine, but it proves what I have always thought, that it’s almost impossible to come up with phrases that have not already been used by others in the past! 🙂

      • That is true, I guess it lends to the saying “that there is nothing new under the sun.” Jordin is a pop artist, one of the winners of American Idol.

      • Lol, I do not know a quarter of the new artists because I do not listen to radio like before and I usually like listening to the same artist. :).

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