What of heroes? Do they not feel fear when witnessing fate’s harsh blow? Often the truth is more mundane, for theirs is the will to act in the most selfish of ways; driven as they are to live with conscience clear they leave others of lesser virtues to endure regret.

For “Heroes,” forever tethered to righteous call, are by their nature, predisposed to still nervous hearts and to act when others, overwhelmed by hesitation brought on by senses, merely gaze. Blessed with spirit lifted towards hope, brandishing a will and a way, alone they stand as giants above all others.


4 thoughts on “Heroes?

  1. And in reading this, I remember my mother and think of another truth, which is that some people hold the world together so others can go ahead and change it. Most heroes would be unable to do great deeds without the support of the lesser mortals who love them. Here’s to the people who hold the world together and the ones who change it.

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