unreasonable behaviour



consumed by tears, brought
by a raging wind, even
patient trees can snap


100 Word Story: a new beginning


The light looked too inviting.

Warm and brilliant though it was, something felt eerily amiss.

A lack of movement, perhaps! No, that wasn’t it.

Although stillness gripped the moment, what really proved unnerving was the inexplicable aura of familiarity, beckoning and urging him to relinquish his feeble hold on life – all for a mere feeling of belonging.

Belonging to what?

What could the unknown offer that life could not?

Before reason could grasp the magnitude of the question to summon anxiety, time intervened by refusing to lend itself to such meaningless thoughts; choosing instead to clear a path to redemption.

Dawn and Dusk



How sweet the blush,
as day greets night,
and night greets day.

However briefly,
such lovers meet,
their love will never stray.

“So bright their light,
a hearts delight,”
words poets do gladly say.

Over summer months,
or winter years,
with joy I hope they stay.

Ever may night meet day
and day meet night-
embraced with loveā€¦I pray.