an accident of birth



I get it!
It isn’t always easy being who we are.
We didn’t choose to be born,
or to find ourselves labelled at birth.
Why are we male, not female?
Black or white?
Why are we not as clever?
As healthy? As wealthy?
Where is the justice in being
tethered to a name that bears
little recognition, whilst others bask
in glories assigned to them by the past?
Are we wrong to expect more than our lot?
Wrong to curse our luck?
Or to feel envious as we look
across an ocean of divide
to see our dreams take
shape in other’s hands?

We kid ourselves
that all are equally blessed,
such things as wealth
are within the grasp of
each and everyone.
That those who stumble
do so through their own fault
or misapplication.
Blinded by privilege,
convenience often hides the truth
and paints dreams
to silence the voice
of dissension.
I do not doubt that such rosy fate
blooms in many gardens,
but in earnest, how would you fare
if you are accidently birthed
in a wilderness of disappointments?


7 thoughts on “an accident of birth

  1. JM, the only way I can accept this world as what it is, is that we all choose certain Life Lessons to experience. Don’t get me wrong that I am apathetic to the suffering and to the plight of the poor. No. I in fact must distance myself from this world because I feel too much. To think we are all born equally is a statement of ignorance or pride. I’m reading a book right now mostly about India, and how people live in that part of the world just breaks my Heart. I haven’t been here in a while and I so wanted to leave a comment while I had the time today. Beautiful writing, my friend!!! ❤

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