13 thoughts on “six word stories: combined

  1. OH WOW!!! I have been contemplating a very similar concept that I just wrote a post about, not published yet, but I am stunned at the parallels here. JM, you have my mouth hanging wide open. Your mind must be linked to mine. I’ve been really thinking deeply lately. Awesome post!!!! If we do not experience the darkness, how then can we define Light if we have nothing to compare it to? ❤

      • All it takes is time and practice. I learn best hands on so that is exactly how I learned what I do, and still am learning. JM, there are some aspects of my life that prevent me from exploring all of my Dreams, so in the meantime, I pour my passion for my Gift with the camera to more then make up for what I am not able to do now. Practice. Simple. I read somewhere that the first 40,000 pictures you take are really not good. So with that in mind, practice. (smile) Oh, and you must above all else have the Heart and eyes of a child, that say OH WOW every time the eyes see something magnificent in Nature. That’s my line. OH WOW. Every time. LOL ❤

      • You are an inspiration! I have on many occasions witnessed some amazing displays of nature and wished I could have captured them to share.Unfortunately my equipment and skills were lacking. I love visiting photography blogs and very much enjoy viewing your work! 🙂

      • We all have to begin somewhere. What I have learned, it is usually our own fear or our own lack of self confidence that holds us back to at least try. So what if we fail? SO WHAT? So just try again and again, learn from those “mistakes”, grow from them, and apply what you learn to photography. I’ve also invested in some really good books that I have learned from as well. For the longest time I avoided PS CC because OH that program is just SO huge and OH did it intimidate me. So I kept using another program that was not as good, until one day I just jumped in, saying to myself what do I have to loose? Nothing. And everything to gain. Since I have been using LR and PSCC my images I feel are finally looking the way I have dreamed them of looking. Go for it, JM! I mean it. Do your homework on which brand of DSLR’s you want (I recommend B&H Photos to buy from) and invest in good glass, in other words expensive lenses. You will need to teach yourself and read about what constitutes good glass. Usually the price tag will give you a hint. Then there are filters to buy too. There is a LOT but go slow and learn. I have never regretted getting the camera I now have. I am set for lenses and filters, really investing in myself. One could buy endless lenses, believe me, but you learn what is necessary for the kind of shooting you want to do. Since I do a lot of macro, I invested in an f/2.8 100mm lens, without the bells and whistles, just to give you an example. That lens has become my best friend. 🙂 Good luck! I mean it! If you don’t go after your Dreams, no one else will. ❤

      • JM, if I overwhelmed you in any way, I apologize. I know how overwhelmed I felt at times in choose equipment and within the learning process itself. It’s huge and the only way it can be done, is with one step at a time. 🙂

      • Amy, no need to apologize. It is very kind of you to share your experience and knowledge. If I do take up photography, you will be the first one I will turn to for technical advice. 🙂

      • I usually am not on this thing this late but tonight I am glad I am. Tomorrow I have a post coming for you, JM. It is phenomenal. I linked it to your blog. Please don’t miss it. The photo is one of my best yet, and when you see what I captured you will be blown away. That I promise. (smile) On that note, I bid you goodnight. And yes anytime feel free for help from me. I’ll be more then happy to help you. ❤

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