mirror of life



in the silent pool
the world gathers by my side
yet stays beyond reach


7 thoughts on “mirror of life

      • I AM!!! LOL Another gorgeous day and I am just now planning on getting ready for another very long walk in my favorite park. I am getting all the relaxing in I can right now because Fall is right around the corner which means a lot of work for me to close up my gardens for winter. GROAN! So, I am celebrating lazy hazy days of summer. 🙂 ❤

      • Me too! Trying to make the most of the weather. Made a day trip to some nearby islands yesterday…saving up memories before the dull grey arrives!!!

      • Good for you, JM!! The cold weather will be here soon enough. I am buying snow shoes this year, for real, just so that I have motivation to get out of the house and into Nature more. *sigh* I WILL begin to LOVE winter too as long as I am living here. LOL Love, Amy ❤

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