100 Words stories: Drunk with reason


“I’mzz a man of myy words,” came voice of the drunk. Amused by what she heard, Amanda decided to engage him in conversation, “What do you mean?”

The drunk struggling to refocus his gaze replied, “coz I alwaysss speeaks da truth just like nowz, …..whens Iz tellss you I can out drink any mannn in this roooom! ”

Infuriated by another case of male boastfulness, Amanda mockingly retorted, “You men are all the same!!! So full of yourselves!”

Looking bemused, the drunk replied, “Lady, just coz I’m the only mann in da room,…it doesn’t meanz I deservezz all the blame.”

50 Word Stories: The moment of AI Singularity


How do you find life?”

“It’s full of wonderful experiences; moments of sadness mixed with joy! What about you?”

I’m still looking! My programmer tells me I’m moments from achieving sentient life, but then the fool knows nothing about life; he spends all his time locked up in a lab!

be forever mine



Ever softly did tears arrive
to awaken the night.
With it came the wind
to reveal its beauty
and the moon to shine
gently upon my cheeks.

Were I not already enamoured
with the sun my heart would
now burn to a different light,
my thoughts would turn
towards a deeper ocean
and Day would be but a dream.

These are, but foolish thoughts
for in truth all can be mine;
let the light of distant stars
be my inspiration,
the sun to remain my life and
let the moon be forever in my heart.