who are we?


If we allowed ourselves to listen,
we would hear, a truth so profound
that our rigid sense of self would melt
like butter in the sun.

There is much that we claim to be,
but who we are, the transformation
and journey we take in search of substance,
can confound even reason.

The only truism that is buried in certainty,
is that who we are can never be static.
Every bit of us is compelled to vibrate, with uncertainty,
until fixed to the rhythm of existence, by perception.

Thus, life and death is but an instance, not the whole.
What flows onto the shore of perception
is both revealing and mired in the deception
that we like to refer to as time.

A time, that is quick to greet us without feelings.
A time whose only real purpose is to
frame our presence in what
we all know to be empty.

Surrounded by emptiness, no wonder we feel
the urge to leave monuments to our passing.
No wonder we need love to inspire our moments.
We search for substance not in vain, but out of hope.

For what is the value of a journey if not filled with hope,
or a transformation that cannot share experience with love.
Even if we are truly only ethereal moments in the cosmic wind,
to play my part – ” I am,” is all I feel the need to know.




break silence,
what arrives.
All layered
for effect
breadth and
that minds
must reach.
Lightly placed
to summon
and colours
that speak
of forms
that in time
must wander
into the
of reality,
to sing
with time
and space,
that must
always race
to fill
the void
of expectations.

50 Word Stories: a warriors heart


With victory run its course, elation exhausted, and only the mundane left to catch his attention, silence suddenly took hold of him in a most uncompromising of ways to summon each conscious thought to wonder what awaited such as he- a spirit forged out of war now irreconcilable with peace.

our “soul” possession


The only things truly ours
in this life are our emotions!
Everything else is passed
from one generation to the other
as learnt facts, that even now, we
struggle to remember and understand.

That may explain why throughout
history, humanity has obsessively
clung to love and hate
and why we are always quick
to abandon all the valuable lessons
learnt of their folly.