6 thoughts on “Remember our failings

  1. My reaction? Gut punch. Between the picture and your words both convey so much how the love of things that kill and maim are so prevalent. Powerful post, JM. And an even more powerful message!! ❤

  2. Good one. I extended the Haiku format and twisted it a little, but with a strict pattern. They end up similar to this:

    AB II

    You kept swimming, though
    long since blind. You stunned memoir
    writers with
    your amazing tale:
    you ran with brother, away

    from Warsaw Ghetto.
    Lost him and
    every single aunt
    sister, family but
    survived, only to succumb

    to the Russians, who
    made you a soldier against
    your own, then
    survived the brutal
    winters in a labor camp,

    escaping on a
    log that, though
    frozen, floated far
    enough to get you
    to Istanbul where you made

    it over
    to Egypt and fixed machines
    for British
    tank soldiers until
    you made it to the

    US troops
    in Italy. Fought, repaired
    with them all
    the way, then married
    a Dutch Catholic.

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