go with the flow




I go where winds blow
head where streams flow, like a leaf
on a stormy day


4 thoughts on “go with the flow

      • I kind of fell in love with stories and that is what drew me into writing narratives. I have found that I am becoming interested in poetry as well. Do you have any advice for someone who doesn’t really know anything about poetry?

      • I am no expert, but poetry to me is all about having fun sharing your thoughts and feelings. Write about what interests you, what touches your heart! You will find, as I have, that others share similar thoughts and the only uniqueness is in the way we each try to convey them! Just write and you will soon develop a style that works for you. Above all, just have fun…don’t take it too seriously as not everyone will necessarily get what you are writing about, and that’s fine! 🙂

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