winter moon, why are
you so shy this cloudless night?
It’s your time to shine!


8 thoughts on “shyness

  1. AMAZING, JM! Did you by any chance see my comment to yours when you told me how excited you are about your new camera? If not I believe it is under my second last post. Forgive me if I didn’t copy and paste. Really tired right now. ❤

    • No,I missed your comment! Yeah, my wife decided to indulge my interest. Having a camera is one thing, learning to get the most out of it will require a lot of effort. I am learning via youtube instructions…a slow process. I have never used an DSLR so this level of technical knowledge is new to me! All trial and error at the moment until things sink in.

      • Basically what I said was …. there is a LOT to know so go slow. Shoot on the automatic modes to get familiar with the camera. Don’t even think about the creative modes yet. It took me years to get there …. no joke. You have just stepped into a world that is unlike you have ever known. Above all else have FUN and when you do get overwhelmed or frustrated (happens to the best of us) walk away for a while and then go back to your camera!!! All the best, JM! I look forward to see what you can create! 🙂
        PS I usually do NOT follow photography rules. Some basics yes … but when I shoot I just wing it. I allow my inner creative self total control …. and oh yes there is THINKING involved. Hehehehehe

      • Thanks for the encouragement! Sounds you’ve adopted a style to my liking… I am also not much for routine and like to experiment! The first thing I’ve discovered is that I probably need to acquire more equipment like a tripod as sometimes my photos are blurry even on auto…Ha!ha! I find youtube technical course useful to learn how to operate the camera. Is there a good but cheap/free, easy to learn software that I can use to edit my pictures (Raw files)?

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