No one is perfect, let us be respectful.



The voice of reason is often said to be carried
by winds to distant shores to enlighten those
left too long in the shadow of ignorance.
But the truth is not so pleasant,
for what blows across tempestuous oceans
not only carries wisdom, but also
the weight of prideful dust sprinkled with conceit.
Being often plagued with misperception,
the hot air that rises to take up high moral ground,
can also find itself fall as easily as rain that gathers
from the shadows of its own darkened clouds.

Let it become more real


Say it one more time
so that it becomes more real.
Touch me with your words
So that I may learn to feel.

Come words, without you
I can lose my soul.
Please words, do flow to
help achieve my goal.

Come brighten my thought and
say it the way you mean it!
Repeat what you say
the way in dreams I’ve seen it!

Let them leave sweetly
from your gentle lips,
like the bright sails
on fair weathered ships.

Say it one more time
to share your reality.
Touch me with your words-
let it last…for eternity!