an earthly soul



seeded from the light
of heaven, but grounded to
earth these old, old trees


12 thoughts on “an earthly soul

    • Thank you…I would dearly like to believe that, but I have to give most of the credit to my DSLR, the technology makes capturing these precious moments easy. But having said that, your praise is most encouraging and inspirational! 🙂

      • JM, having a good camera is only part of the equation. How you use it is another thing in of itself. Then there is the ability to capture … The angle, the lighting, the “mood” (f-stop and other features), the framing, what catches your eye …. All work together SO it is just not the camera. I’ve seen a LOT of pictures taken with good cameras that are not quality pictures beause the person behind the camera does not have the “eye” nor has that “magic touch”. YOU have both. Don’t ever forget that you have been given Gifts, JM, so please don’t take this lightly. I look at your work and I see genius. I see a Master. Yes you have a lot to learn, but, the way you are taking pictures after just beginning to work with a DSLR makes my mouth drop. I KNOW what my pictures looked like when I just started, and believe me, you have me beat by many miles. Give credit where credit is due. I am so grateful to your wife for having bought you this camera for she is giving all of us the pleausure to view your creations. I do not say all these things because I have nothing better to do. You need to get deep down in your Inner Knowing just how Precious a Gift you have been given and cherish that until the moon no longer shines. 🙂 ❤

      • That’s a lot of praise to live up to. I am really touched that you found time to gift me this feeling of possibilities. Your modesty is truly precious!!! 🙂

      • OH, and one last thing. Your LOVE of Nature and Divinity shines through in your images. I “feel” it. You have a deep bond and connection with Mother …. There is no denying it.

      • During my early childhood, I was surrounded by wilderness and nature and I guess this love for peace and serenity is embedded in my being. I feel a sense of joy when I am close to nature and I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time, when it comes to viewing wild life. Just like my recent encounter with an eagle…I just heard the sound of some unknown bird and I followed it into the woods…oddly enough I was saying to myself a day before it would be nice to come across an eagle to add to my collection!!! 🙂

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