Be bright and beautiful



be the moon and I
the sun and let us shed light
on every moment


16 thoughts on “Be bright and beautiful

    • I wish! You flatter me! I found it on one of those free sites.I always stick my name on what I’ve taken. 🙂
      Have you ever taken one of these types of night shots?

      • Those effects are mainly created in the editing room, JM. No lens that I know of will take photographs like that. This is when art meets photograph and what that person knows what to do in manipulating the image in order to create what that person wants. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

      • JM, believe it or not, this is how I still feel at times. There is always something to learn and many times IF I allow myself to get overwhelmed I feel I will not ever learn it all. Face it, I won’t, simple as that because new and more are always coming out. *sigh* So you are not alone. 🙂

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