more and more


drawn by beauty I have yet to see
filled with dreams of what should be
my heart now with shadows beat
ignoring what lies beside my feet

no time to spare for what is there
of what I have I fail to care
though what I seek is vague to me
from its claws I can’t be free

in my soul its dug so deep,
that peace eludes me in my sleep
these desires shape my mind
to make a restful moment hard to find

driven by desire for more and more,
my heart grows rotten at the core
convinced of needs I care not for
to only gather dust at deaths door

what foolish games I choose to play
for with what I gather I cannot stay
so easily bored with what is mine
how sad I covet what is thine



many hearts beating as one
where sound of laughter means fun
reassuringly consistent
not overly insistent
a comfort in despair
even when they are not there
with my burdens they do share
by their deeds they show they care
reflecting unconditional love
that’s gifted from God above
full of honesty and trust
and loyal when things go bust
with family these traits, I find
with my heart their love does bind

Timeless moments



Walking by the river,
just you and me.

Seeing the willow tree,
bending to the wind we feel,
but cannot see.

Hand in hand we stroll,
at summers end,
with yearning glances,
love we send.

Careless and free,
we talk of what will be,
of others we cannot see.

A tender moment,
shared by hearts that dare,
abundant love we do declare.

More than just talking,
more than just walking,
time passes without a single care,
as our dreams,
our hopes,
our hearts we do lay bare.

A loving moment,
shared so rare.
Alas, only time will know
how it will fare.


 J M Lysun


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