50 Word Stories: Love Calls


Though her steps were barely audible, in the silence of night, love announced itself. With the flicker of candles, her bright passionate eyes suddenly inflamed to reveal a longing that called across the ocean of darkness; offering such warmth that the chill night air only served to hasten their embrace.

Hope is everywhere


enough of dark thoughts
for shadows and
night never last!

for even the vastness
of space is never
dark for too long

darkness is but
a canvass
there only to accompany light

whose moments
come as waves
even on forgotten shores

there to bestow
awareness of beauty
waiting to be found

to draw attention to salvation
hidden at every corner
of despair

unsolicited advice


so easy they flow
with silk like touch
that conscience
cannot with it bind
born of lips that preach
as if true light shines
from mere expressions
of moments observed
and stories retold
as if all wounds leave
the same scars
and bleed with
the same ferocity
they add weight to
alter balance
and direct minds
but even good intentions
often arrive ill timed
caring not from whence
the madness flowed
or whether the ship
is fit to steer the course
laid out so sweetly
with words that claim
the wisdom of ages
without offering
proof of salvation
or granting freedom
to deal with issues
in ones own way and pace
these cheap words
though easily spoken
in light of day
when touched by
personal darkness
is often cast aside
as pure madness
even by the voice that
did offer them to others

my constant companion


Existing between light and dark
stands my growing shadow.
My constant companion is
forever bound to my body and soul,
but being too ethereal to feel and touch;
is more ghost than a man.

Ever dancing to the rhythm of life
and yet not knowing the breeze;
I wonder, how tedious is your existence?
You who are compelled to walk another’s path
and yet denied the chance to taste
the fruit of that journey.

But to pity you would do you an injustice
for your presence is a source of comfort.
Never do you bow to the sun, or wind,
or feel compelled to yield to hunger.
Yours is the gift of elegant existence
flowing untouched by sorrow.

For you who exist in defiance of light
will never need to fear the seasons,
or be forgotten like words blowing in the wind.
How strange that you defy the eternal sun
only to succumb to the transient night,
and yet your existence is most poetic.

For you live beyond the reach of love and yet are in tuned
to its every move, its every gesture and its every pose.
How proud you stand oblivious to the wind
and graceful you drift through the turmoil that is life.
Were I denied my moment to bask in the joyous sun
I feel that I too would choose to be as you.

The feeling of Joy


Joy comes from a secret well,
That is hidden deep in every heart,
Buried so as to resist winters cold.
It needs but a moment to bloom.
As if born specially to banish darkness,
It can rise like a gushing spring,
To bring euphoria and elation,
Filling utter darkness with light.
Often arriving with sweet memories,
To flood our beating, loving hearts,
Enabling us to cherish each fleeting
Moment with wild abandonment.

J M Lysun

across empty space



Since when did darkness swear to forgive the soul?
No, you’re mistaken, not in this life was set, this goal.
For darkness cares not for light of day,
Does not wish to see our souls at play.
Born before the tick of time.
To it brightness and colour are but a crime.
Never did it wish to see the light of day.
Caring not what light would say.
Seeing colours adorn the earth and sky,
Darkness you will hear with thunder cry.
Only when in gloom our head do rest,
And with darkness dwell at his bequest.
That we see his mirthful smile
Seeking to our soul, beguile.
Be not content to listen to his idle words,
Or he will bind you to his mindless herds.
Darkness is ever mournful of the silent lost,
Dreams and schemes of bringing back the frost.
Watching light across the fabric of space expand,
Its endless colours and growth he seeks to ban.
Only wishing utter darkness to grace his face,
That’s why with light he seeks to race.
With determination and patience, light he will resist,
As he knows well that even light cannot persist.
But don’t lose heart with what I say,
Remember time will do its best to bar his way-
Leaving more than enough time for us to play.

J M Lysun

Black Panther


Black panther

Black Panther hunter of the night,
what manner of beast are you,
that you are both revered and feared by men?

Are you merely a legend?
A shadow in the night?
Are your unearthly feats recited just to inspire fright?

Some call you the great defender
and others terror of the night.
Which of this true?
Which of this is you?

Devourer of infinite light,
master of silence.
If in this world you do exist,
why did God create you great like this?
With all this might;
you swim,
you climb,
with movements quite sublime.
Blessed with paws so strong,
teeth so long,
that none can hope to match you
let alone catch you.

Why is it that from darkness you appear
and at your whim can disappear?
You make me wonder,
and even ponder;
If you’re merely a trick of light,
what manner of magic keeps you out of sight?
How Is it that you inspire fear without even being near?

Oh, terror of night.
Sleek and slender.
Mighty defender.

What manner of beast are you?



J M Lysun

Maestro (The Master)



A touch and feel,
with creative zeal,
your art you do reveal.

Deep is your perception,
that no blemish can elude your gaze.
The mist, that do others blind,
cannot deceive you.

Effortless beauty with abundance spreads;
a chiselled feature to bring balance,
a word turned and twisted to enhance,
a defining brush stroke to inspire,
and set hearts on fire.

You mould and shape,
and with shadows play.
The truth in time you do display.

With the lightness of butterfly wings,
the grace of a swan,
the boldness of a tiger,
you sweep away conventions,
and show heavens true intentions.

With tears, angels sing your praise.
Mankind you do amaze.

Yours is the gift to imbue immortality,
to instill the essence of greatness in all things
and objects inanimate.

Bringing life where there was none.

Your light, like a torch in darkness,
shines a path that others will proudly follow,
till the end of time.


 J M Lysun