be forever mine



Ever softly did tears arrive
to awaken the night.
With it came the wind
to reveal its beauty
and the moon to shine
gently upon my cheeks.

Were I not already enamoured
with the sun my heart would
now burn to a different light,
my thoughts would turn
towards a deeper ocean
and Day would be but a dream.

These are, but foolish thoughts
for in truth all can be mine;
let the light of distant stars
be my inspiration,
the sun to remain my life and
let the moon be forever in my heart.

Tears blowing in the wind


Tears flowing in the wind,
Dust taken for a spin.
All around me they dance,
Wherever I glance.

Swaying gracefully they fall,
Merciful they are small.
Not for them a thudding crash,
As they never arrive in a flash.

Arriving constant, light and gentle,
This can drive me mental.
Accumulating in a pile,
Doing it with some style.

Never ending dust in air,
All day long at them I stare.
I wonder from where they come?
They are even on my thumb.

Seeing dust, can bring me tears,
Fed up cleaning all these years.
Hope they’re gone by light of day,
As I need some time to play.