changed by time


As a young child, oh, how I dreamt as others did.
Not one of my moments was ever filled with doubt.
Being much too young to know I had limits,
I dared to claim to be the sky not its reflection.
I dared to claim all as mine to play with,
Expecting the sun and moon, to always light my way.
I knew the howling wind as my companion,
Certain it would announce my place in the world.
Born, ever hungry for love, I consumed it voraciously,
From the moment I suckled on my mother’s milk.
Selfishly I clung to every moment in the sun,
Basking in adoration as if there was no tomorrow.
Having not yet felt the bitterness of betrayal,
Or remorse of mistakes, regret was not known to me.
The only tears I shed then were to tame hearts and minds.
What seems like dreams today, I knew as the future.
Reality and magic breathed the same fire to my soul,
And made all seem so possible and so real.
Now that spring has rolled over the mountains,
And summer across the oceans, what I am left with
Is the truth, which now scars my once youthful face.
Gone is the innocence, to be replaced by experience,
That has taught me how to fashion my own path:
By flowing with the wind, smiling with the sun,
Dancing with the moon, and embracing the dark.
In this way, I now add my voice to the chorus of life,
By gently painting my features into its landscape,
Not with indelible ink, but with flowing grains of sand,
So that I may be easily remade again, and again by
The nurturing breath of love that brings peace to hearts,
And unending hope to my soul in the storm of life.