Bumble bee



I hear the buzz of the bumble bee
I hear it loudly as it comes to me
Buzz, Buzz, in my ears
Triggering my primal fears
As much as I like to watch it fly
If it comes too close it will make me cry
So much terror in its sting
But so much goodness it also brings
Oh, great pollinator of this earth
Without you flowers wont give birth
Because I know that this is true
I can bear to live with you.


J M Lysun

Our Planet



a multi coloured pearl
bright and beautiful
like a flower unfurled
standing tall and dutiful

there forever to amaze
this wondrous sight
to attract heavens gaze
and bring delight

home to abundant life
that catch my eyes
A place also full of strife
hidden in many guise

a true joy to behold
bountiful and rare
its value beyond gold
will make you stare

out beyond our star,
I search for more
all I see are endless scars
standing at my door

alas, no other pearls I find
across this endless space;
nowhere else to dine
with wind upon my face.


J M Lysun