the journey


ever great storms come
I who am more than dust
must in God now trust

for never is a leaf left still
a river’s path not changed
or a bloom left clinging to a tree

a dew always arrives fresh
only for innocence to evaporate
under the rage of the sun

caught in the wind of change
a leaf so naturally formed
will never fall again the same

for even the bluest skies
when mist arise,can be hidden
and left for us to find once more

like cards randomly dealt, in life
an unknown game often unfolds
as we blindly rush to play

fools are we who are quick to adhere
to non- existent rules brought
by illusions to torment minds

for God did not a world create
with so many possibilities
only to guide us onto a single path

for it is how well we greet the journey
and not the route we choose to take
that will joy or sadness bring

so enjoy the storm for what it is
for in the end all will turn to dust
to God our soul we must entrust

my constant companion


Existing between light and dark
stands my growing shadow.
My constant companion is
forever bound to my body and soul,
but being too ethereal to feel and touch;
is more ghost than a man.

Ever dancing to the rhythm of life
and yet not knowing the breeze;
I wonder, how tedious is your existence?
You who are compelled to walk another’s path
and yet denied the chance to taste
the fruit of that journey.

But to pity you would do you an injustice
for your presence is a source of comfort.
Never do you bow to the sun, or wind,
or feel compelled to yield to hunger.
Yours is the gift of elegant existence
flowing untouched by sorrow.

For you who exist in defiance of light
will never need to fear the seasons,
or be forgotten like words blowing in the wind.
How strange that you defy the eternal sun
only to succumb to the transient night,
and yet your existence is most poetic.

For you live beyond the reach of love and yet are in tuned
to its every move, its every gesture and its every pose.
How proud you stand oblivious to the wind
and graceful you drift through the turmoil that is life.
Were I denied my moment to bask in the joyous sun
I feel that I too would choose to be as you.