Be gentle with my love



Be gentle my beating heart
Let not love with ease depart
Soft and gently hold me tight
In your arms to find delight

In your eyes, my soul is wrapped
In your smile, all joy is trapped
Please take time to look at me
Light the flame and set love free

Be gentle, oh swaying wind
Of my love, do not rescind
In your hands my fate I place
Plant a kiss upon my face

Kiss me gently on my lips
Let not time, my joy eclipse
Filled with tears my eyes do swell
In your heart, I seek to dwell

All this love is mine to give
Without love, I could not live
Draw your heart now close to mine
In my beat, true love you’ll find

bad memories



Oh, memories of yesterday
How you play with me.
In my mind you stay
Refusing to let me be

I spent a night under the stars
Mesmerised by the glitter
Hoping to forget all the scars
That in my mind you do litter

Gazing at trees by day
Sitting by a lake
Watching birds at play
Forgetting all the ache

Not alone for a moment
Keeping ever distracted
Trying to avoid the torment
From being re-enacted

Oh, memories of yesterday
Why won’t you let me be?
With you I cannot stay
It’s time to set me free


J M Lysun