frivolous thoughts


Come winter, I wonder if I will remember the bliss
of summer or will winter’s arrival merely
bring me remorse for summer’s parting.

How frivolously I abandon the present and
dismiss the fruits of a future yet to come; only to
cling to the past, whose coffers are clearly spent!

50 Word stories: Touched by fate


Inspired by reading Richard Ankers’ writings, I’ve decided to try my hands at the 50 Word Stories, hoping to further develop my writing skills.

Torn between worlds, the eye of fate now turns to admire the long forgotten landscapes etched by time; only to be appalled by the future’s determination to cling with futility to the wilderness of opportunities that, for good or bad, had been set aside to cast shadows on another life.

Life has meaning?


The meaning of life?
So much time is wasted searching
rather than living.
In the end, it matters not
from where the stream flows
that it does is the miracle.

What value does it add to draw
meaning from an open book
with words yet to be written;
where essence, even when captured
in words, is but a shadow of what came
before and what will come after.

Technology and men



If technology will grow to save mankind,
I wonder what we will have to leave behind?
Will our soul continue to exist,
or will it be lost in this technological mist?
With our limbs evolved
and our handy problems solved;
What else can we expect,
on what wonders will we reflect?
We can already see in the dark,
maybe next, we’ll have wings and fly faster than a lark?
Maybe the galaxy we can even explore,
as science learns to open the door?
To space and beyond, we may begin to race
on other worlds we’ll place a human face.
So many changes are coming our way,
keeping us busy and shortening our day.
I wonder if these things that we make,
when they learn not to break,
will they seek to displace us,
or even replace us?
What ever is our fate
I hope it’s not too late.
That even if they out pace us,
they will care enough to leave some space,
for the human race.


J M Lysun