Perfection (Micro Poetry)




The master with one stroke makes                                                                                                                                     Perfection



— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

Maestro (The Master)



A touch and feel,
with creative zeal,
your art you do reveal.

Deep is your perception,
that no blemish can elude your gaze.
The mist, that do others blind,
cannot deceive you.

Effortless beauty with abundance spreads;
a chiselled feature to bring balance,
a word turned and twisted to enhance,
a defining brush stroke to inspire,
and set hearts on fire.

You mould and shape,
and with shadows play.
The truth in time you do display.

With the lightness of butterfly wings,
the grace of a swan,
the boldness of a tiger,
you sweep away conventions,
and show heavens true intentions.

With tears, angels sing your praise.
Mankind you do amaze.

Yours is the gift to imbue immortality,
to instill the essence of greatness in all things
and objects inanimate.

Bringing life where there was none.

Your light, like a torch in darkness,
shines a path that others will proudly follow,
till the end of time.


 J M Lysun