a feeling of love



Whenever I am with you,
the world remains still.
No wonder my heart worships
your every movement,
your every breath.
For you are like the light,
seen dancing with dawn;
your arrival is what gives
life its truest meaning.
For in your light, I find that
everything has a place.
Even shadows linger, to promise
more than emptiness –
if our hearts so desire.

let us cling to joy



I am done with weighty words,
that seek to speak to
broken hearts and minds.
I now wish to linger awhile
in the warm memories and
joyful moments that
come with every season.
How tender their loving touch
full of colours that even spring
dares not harbour.
For all its wild promises,
set in bloom, spring has limits,
but joy is a wonder!
It alone can flourish in any season;
being set ablaze by passionate
life, it can shine and rise,
to tower above all else-
If only minds would have it so!
No moment is too shallow
or too short for it to touch.
It is a most precious jewel,
set among changing landscapes,
that like a wondrous dream
can turn a misty moment
into the brightest of stars.

power of love


for love
we would
a world
and much
for the
of the flame
that did
tear us from
the grip
of frailer

for the call
of the heart
is made
of stuff that
so potent
that with
but a single
it can
and in the
same instant
give meaning
to madness

yes, with but
a single glance
it can your
world redraw
to bring
of ambrosia
to lips
and with
inflict such
mortal pain
that could
a future
with tears
of longing

more and more


drawn by beauty I have yet to see
filled with dreams of what should be
my heart now with shadows beat
ignoring what lies beside my feet

no time to spare for what is there
of what I have I fail to care
though what I seek is vague to me
from its claws I can’t be free

in my soul its dug so deep,
that peace eludes me in my sleep
these desires shape my mind
to make a restful moment hard to find

driven by desire for more and more,
my heart grows rotten at the core
convinced of needs I care not for
to only gather dust at deaths door

what foolish games I choose to play
for with what I gather I cannot stay
so easily bored with what is mine
how sad I covet what is thine

Be gentle with my love



Be gentle my beating heart
Let not love with ease depart
Soft and gently hold me tight
In your arms to find delight

In your eyes, my soul is wrapped
In your smile, all joy is trapped
Please take time to look at me
Light the flame and set love free

Be gentle, oh swaying wind
Of my love, do not rescind
In your hands my fate I place
Plant a kiss upon my face

Kiss me gently on my lips
Let not time, my joy eclipse
Filled with tears my eyes do swell
In your heart, I seek to dwell

All this love is mine to give
Without love, I could not live
Draw your heart now close to mine
In my beat, true love you’ll find

Happy New Year!!!


Another leaf turned,
Another moment departs.

With the past left behind,
And a future to find,
Whatever may arrive –
With it may you thrive!

No ocean too deep,
No mountains too high.

Let’s reach for the sky,
As we now say goodbye.
Toast memories of past,
And the joy that will last.

Put away all the tears.
Put away all the fears.

Let hearts pound like a drum,
Cheering the future to come,
How with a smile on your face,
All of heaven, you will grace.

Lady inspiration



The mirror of my heart,
Always lies next to me.
She eats and breathes poetry.
With her passion clear,
Her words sincere,
She whispers this wisdom:
“Say what you must”
“Your heart you should trust.”

Hearing these few words,
I do great courage find,
How they inspire me to share,
The contents of my mind.
With mind and heart now clear,
And ready to embrace my fear,
I reach and grasp a pen, so I can,
My thoughts to you now send.


J M Lysun




To feel alone on a crowded street
and only your heart, can you hear beat.

Detached from those around,
you barely hear a sound.

Numbed by the lack of sensation,
you abandon all expectation.

And you keep walking on,
knowing nothing can be done.

With not a single word exchanged,
or another plan arranged.

Your mind is lost,
as you endure the frost.

Cold as stone,
and alone.


 J M Lysun

Amalfi Coast



Oh, Praiano pearl of Campania,
my memories of you they haunt me still.
Such timeless beauty did I see.
How I hope they’ll stay with me.

Birth place of the Renaissance.
How our path did cross by chance.

Merely there to see the views by day,
but setting eyes on you I had to stay.

I remember seeing part of you sitting high above a rustic hill
and how at your beach, down below, it was great to chill.

Oh, Praiano how memories of your beauty cling to me
So impossible , so surreal
to my heart your peaceful beauty did appeal.

I knew my heart, to you, was lost from the very start,
when tears I shed at my depart.


J M Lysun

The nature of truth



What I hear of I cannot see,
what I see I know it cannot be,
why is it so?

A promise is made,
yet when I grasp it,
it fades leaving me with nothing to show.

I try to hold it in my heart,
but that was futile from the very start.

Though it is there for all to see,
the powers that be will never set it free.

Concealed and abandoned by deceitful words and minds,
its presence they do their best to undermine.

What is revealed by words is seldom true,
for what is made known is seen by very few.

Masked by those who care and those who fear,
its essence is sometimes never clear.

 But  never fear,

its always near.

If you truly seek it you will find it.




J M Lysun



To be loved and coveted again.

How I miss the gentle touch.
I used to be in demand.
Attention, I did command.

They held me to their heart from the very start.
Swearing never to leave my side.
That we would never part.

They even fought over me.
I was paraded, displayed,
what more can I say.

I was the centre of attention once,
held lovingly, and caressed,
even dressed to impress.

But alas, in the twilight of my life,
the light has gone, the audience vanished
from my place in the sun banished.

Now the product of convenience,
that I was, is an inconvenience.

To be hidden, dismissed, dumped,
thrown away.

Of my fate, I have nothing to say.
Why am I treated this way?

I know I won’t be missed,
I know new things you can’t resist.

But, at the end of my life cycle surely I can be recycled.
So, what do you say?


A moment



It comes and goes.
When it comes nobody knows.
A ripple in time that spreads.
It is captured and released.
Wraps and entraps.
It comes too soon and yet can be long in waiting.
When it arrives, it is usually a surprise.
Special, delightful, memorable, insightful.
Gentle on my mind, kind to my heart,
from beginning to end.
From this moment I cannot part.


— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.


Memories of yesterday


Memories of yesterday

A heart is broken, that cannot heal.
A dream lost that will not fade.
All because of my memories of yesterday.

A road unwinds to nowhere.
A step taken without direction.
All because I’m lost in darkness and cannot find my way.

A promise made so long ago.
A future painted that will not be so.
All because I’ve gone astray.

A soul now restless.
A world made senseless.
All because I feel I have very little to say.

A heart now empty.
A mind without hope.
All because of yesterday.

Scars of the past in my mind they do last.
Oh, I do pray that they will go away.


— J M Lysun —
Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.