The nature of regrets


If we could but winter forestall,
the many vestiges of haunting regrets
would vanish as night gives way to day,
in an endless stream of renewed hope.
For fed by unfettered opportunities,
with appreciation sharpened by experience,
even the most bitter of memories,
would not dare again speak of squander.

Alas, like the light of a candle, life is brief!
It can but shine attention on what avails.
Only when awakened to this truth,
will each day be as spring
and opportunities that do tarry
be gladly seized without contention,
to banish the fog of disappointment
evermore to emotionless history.

If only it were as easy as words now suggest,
that hearts could beat endlessly or
thoughts grow enlightened!
But we, of mortal dispositions,
with often much vested in tragedy,
are easily blinded by unforeseen loss.
Being ill-equipped to balance loss with gain,
how quickly we bury minds in past.

what is love?


love cares not
for empty vessels
primed by time
choosing instead
to hearts consume
and with touch render
the most sensible, fools
inspiring men to cry as babes
women to rage like lions
who so enslaved
by tender moments
cannot sanity contain
were it not for the flip
of a coin that could
also endearing joy
and courage bring
once awaken by true light
all would like illusions vanish
leaving only strife and pain
and not the beautiful thing
often spoken of in poetry



many hearts beating as one
where sound of laughter means fun
reassuringly consistent
not overly insistent
a comfort in despair
even when they are not there
with my burdens they do share
by their deeds they show they care
reflecting unconditional love
that’s gifted from God above
full of honesty and trust
and loyal when things go bust
with family these traits, I find
with my heart their love does bind