50 Word Stories: journey beyond the stars


Trapped in dying dormant bodies, with even the silence of space eluding us; to souls who mattered, the voyage beyond the stars could not have been more perfect. In truth too perfect for reality to condone, but for those on the journey what unfolded was truly the stuff of dreams!

A world of chaos




Locked in a jungle,
with no place to breath,
the journey becomes unbearable.
Gripped by hostile intents,
met by aggression,
tormented even;
as determination meets necessity,
rage with calmness,
in a melding pot of confusion
that refuses to flow.
Nature takes its course;
inch by inch,
metre by metre,
as desperation shows.
with no more than a glance of clock,
anger loses its silence.
Then the honking begins;
words are exchanged,
as the beast awakes,
in the madness
of the urban jungle
that is home.


J M Lysun

The journey



The path is long to somewhere,
and can be endless to nowhere.

But along it, we must go
if progress we are to show.

However many turns in our journey make,
never allow your resolve to shake.

One step after another is what we must take.
It can be long, it can be short, you can even take a break.
But never dwell too long on your mistake.

For a long lonely journey we must travel for our sake.
For all to see, that it was me, is what I seek.
If you make the journey you will know of what I speak.

There is nothing right or wrong if you persist
but stubbornness you must resist.

Such a long journey I must take!


— J M Lysun —

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