let us cling to joy



I am done with weighty words,
that seek to speak to
broken hearts and minds.
I now wish to linger awhile
in the warm memories and
joyful moments that
come with every season.
How tender their loving touch
full of colours that even spring
dares not harbour.
For all its wild promises,
set in bloom, spring has limits,
but joy is a wonder!
It alone can flourish in any season;
being set ablaze by passionate
life, it can shine and rise,
to tower above all else-
If only minds would have it so!
No moment is too shallow
or too short for it to touch.
It is a most precious jewel,
set among changing landscapes,
that like a wondrous dream
can turn a misty moment
into the brightest of stars.

change of fortune


It takes but a single day
to change the fortunes of men.
How the haunted often struggle
as they hide in shame
in a shadow of their own making;
sagely counting irreversible steps
in the hope of retracing, in a haphazard way,
the path that drew them to their folly.

While with the toss of a coin,
the fortunate are seen to bask in radiant light.
Blessed never to endure the indignity
that others face in ill-fated winds.
With head held high, they often stride
with joyful poise to be elevated
by the unearthly status granted
by admiration and envy.

the journey


ever great storms come
I who am more than dust
must in God now trust

for never is a leaf left still
a river’s path not changed
or a bloom left clinging to a tree

a dew always arrives fresh
only for innocence to evaporate
under the rage of the sun

caught in the wind of change
a leaf so naturally formed
will never fall again the same

for even the bluest skies
when mist arise,can be hidden
and left for us to find once more

like cards randomly dealt, in life
an unknown game often unfolds
as we blindly rush to play

fools are we who are quick to adhere
to non- existent rules brought
by illusions to torment minds

for God did not a world create
with so many possibilities
only to guide us onto a single path

for it is how well we greet the journey
and not the route we choose to take
that will joy or sadness bring

so enjoy the storm for what it is
for in the end all will turn to dust
to God our soul we must entrust

Be gentle with my love



Be gentle my beating heart
Let not love with ease depart
Soft and gently hold me tight
In your arms to find delight

In your eyes, my soul is wrapped
In your smile, all joy is trapped
Please take time to look at me
Light the flame and set love free

Be gentle, oh swaying wind
Of my love, do not rescind
In your hands my fate I place
Plant a kiss upon my face

Kiss me gently on my lips
Let not time, my joy eclipse
Filled with tears my eyes do swell
In your heart, I seek to dwell

All this love is mine to give
Without love, I could not live
Draw your heart now close to mine
In my beat, true love you’ll find

precious times


with loved ones, time I wish to spend
not just now, or for tomorrow,
but really to the very end.

in my heart their joy and tears I keep,
not just to view in the light of day,
but also to view them in my sleep.

never should I live with regret,
the path I take and things I make,
with time, are never always set.

the limit of words


So much is said and written in haste,
With meanings lost in cocooned words,
That has never felt tears of sadness,
Nor tasted love, happiness or joy.
Being merely strings of letters, bound,
Imbued with only a simple kiss,
And lacking the fullness of emotions,
They pale compared to night and day.
Unable to fathom the true depth
Of sorrow, they only reflect,
An image of the ocean, a moment,
A vision, of what maybe but never
Rich enough to capture pure essence.
Never to know the glory of the sun
And the elegant beauty of the moon.
Being only cast out of straw, they will
Eventually dissipate in the mist of time.
Even when beaded together to shine,
However beautifully they may be,
The fate of words is not to be
The ocean but merely the pond.
Not to be the master of the sun,
But to live in its eternal shadow
And point towards true beauty.

J M Lysun

The feeling of Joy


Joy comes from a secret well,
That is hidden deep in every heart,
Buried so as to resist winters cold.
It needs but a moment to bloom.
As if born specially to banish darkness,
It can rise like a gushing spring,
To bring euphoria and elation,
Filling utter darkness with light.
Often arriving with sweet memories,
To flood our beating, loving hearts,
Enabling us to cherish each fleeting
Moment with wild abandonment.

J M Lysun




Creativity is my name.
Experimenting is my game

I grasp for things I cannot see.
I grasped it because I trust my ability.

I probe the edges of what we know,
and try to see where else I can make it go.

I change its shape and colour,
I prod it and make it holler,
I fold,
I magnify and shrink,
I twist,
I even spray water to make it mist.
It’s something I really can’t resist.

There is no limit to my curiosity.
There is no set pattern to my mind.
I will play with ideas of every kind.
Often looking for just a tiny sign.

I am really good at finding things.
I don’t mind spending time.

Since this brings me joy,
I do it all the time.


J M Lysun