Letting go


Letting go

Letting go is the hardest thing I know.
But, I wish it wasn’t so.

Sometimes, I wonder why I keep things;
an old piece of string,
the printed lyrics of a song I use to sing,
the remnants of a toy I use to fling.

Everything I have, I know by sight,
touch and feel.

Each has its own place in my heart,
they have a name that stays the same.

My time of play, they each have claimed.

Oh, fond memories I have of each and everyone.

They lie beside me on my bed,
if not they adorn my room instead.

They are the first thing that I awake and see.
They are the last to say goodnight to me.

I wish I had room to keep them all,
but, my room is small and I really can’t.

I have to clean up my room, and
so with sadness soon we’ll have to part,

..…but today is not the time to start.


J M Lysun