50 Word Stories: The moment of AI Singularity


How do you find life?”

“It’s full of wonderful experiences; moments of sadness mixed with joy! What about you?”

I’m still looking! My programmer tells me I’m moments from achieving sentient life, but then the fool knows nothing about life; he spends all his time locked up in a lab!

100 Word Story: a new beginning


The light looked too inviting.

Warm and brilliant though it was, something felt eerily amiss.

A lack of movement, perhaps! No, that wasn’t it.

Although stillness gripped the moment, what really proved unnerving was the inexplicable aura of familiarity, beckoning and urging him to relinquish his feeble hold on life – all for a mere feeling of belonging.

Belonging to what?

What could the unknown offer that life could not?

Before reason could grasp the magnitude of the question to summon anxiety, time intervened by refusing to lend itself to such meaningless thoughts; choosing instead to clear a path to redemption.

Life has meaning?


The meaning of life?
So much time is wasted searching
rather than living.
In the end, it matters not
from where the stream flows
that it does is the miracle.

What value does it add to draw
meaning from an open book
with words yet to be written;
where essence, even when captured
in words, is but a shadow of what came
before and what will come after.

my constant companion


Existing between light and dark
stands my growing shadow.
My constant companion is
forever bound to my body and soul,
but being too ethereal to feel and touch;
is more ghost than a man.

Ever dancing to the rhythm of life
and yet not knowing the breeze;
I wonder, how tedious is your existence?
You who are compelled to walk another’s path
and yet denied the chance to taste
the fruit of that journey.

But to pity you would do you an injustice
for your presence is a source of comfort.
Never do you bow to the sun, or wind,
or feel compelled to yield to hunger.
Yours is the gift of elegant existence
flowing untouched by sorrow.

For you who exist in defiance of light
will never need to fear the seasons,
or be forgotten like words blowing in the wind.
How strange that you defy the eternal sun
only to succumb to the transient night,
and yet your existence is most poetic.

For you live beyond the reach of love and yet are in tuned
to its every move, its every gesture and its every pose.
How proud you stand oblivious to the wind
and graceful you drift through the turmoil that is life.
Were I denied my moment to bask in the joyous sun
I feel that I too would choose to be as you.

the seed of life



Neither the sun, nor moon,
Will outlive my light,
For what I leave behind,
Is not merely a shadow,
It flows in everything
In every moment.
No words can capture,
My true beauty.
No paint brush my,
Endless glow.
What I speak of is,
The seed of life that breathes,
Transcending the stars.
I flicker and take root.
Nothing for me is too hostile,
Or too great to surmount.
With the love that I bear,
And the love that I bring,
The entire universe knows me.
Seek and my presence will be,
Revealed for all to see.
Know I will be there waiting,
Now, and forever more.

Dark side of immortality



If my quest for immortality
Were truly blessed-
What price would
I now pay?

To live a thousand years
And much, much, more.
To see the endless tears,
Tearing at my core.

To cast a shadow,
That knows no end,
In an eternal meadow
That light can’t tend.

To witness happy moments,
Escape my grasp,
leaving unending torment,
That will ever last.

To be, detached from time,
And see boredom claim my mind.
Surely, life will turn to grind,
For this everlasting crime.

Oh, to live with love and loss,
Forever entwine-,
As a stream of dross,
For insanity to find;

Though death I would deny,
Pain I would now gain.
With such pleasure wry,
Surely life will be my bane.


J M Lysun

Memories that make me




There are memories that I am fond of.
Others that I’d like to forget.
One without the other wouldn’t be me.
There are moments that I shared,
That showed clearly that I cared.
There are moments that I feared.
Whilst others, when challenged I appeared.
There are moments that I loved,
Others that I shoved.
There are moments I did wrong,
Whilst in others, I was strong.
There are moments I did good,
But was never understood.
Some scary moments I still remember,
Where I refused to surrender.
Such memories are part of me.
It should be plain for all to see,
That one without the other,
Would clearly not be me.



J M Lysun

The river of life


cycle of life


The sand of time,
do us remind,
our moment is fleeting,
ends when our hearts stop beating.
So much to see,
so much to be,
with nothing everlasting,
we’re only here in passing.
That’s how it all flows,
all you need to know.
So, enjoy the moment,
make your atonement.
Release the past,
for the future at last.
Fill your time with merriment,
your mind with experiment,
and always be there,
for those you care.
No time spare,
So share.


J M Lysun




I walk this earth proud of what I am.
For I do what I can.
I do what I want.
Each step I take is measured.
Never to offend.
I care not for unearned accolades.
The only reflection of me that I value is the one that I can face each day.
I need bow to no one and none should bow to me.
I stand tall, with eyes to the sky and beyond.
The path I take will not impede you.
You are welcomed in my presence and you need not be in my shadow.
Regardless of your status or stature I will greet you as equal.
No shadow do I wish to leave that is too big or too small.
I stand by my values and in this way you will always know where to find me.
I do not fear your gaze neither will I gaze down at you.
I will accept you for what you are and expect the same from you.
I trust that my spirit will amaze you for what it offers.
I will earn my place in this life.
I will earn your respect by my deeds and thoughts.
And yet, my respect is given to you freely until such time you prove unworthy.



 J M Lysun




With our minds the world we make.
Whatever you say, my views on that, you will not shake.
What is darkness? What is light?
With newfound wisdom, all that you have will be delight.

Your moods may swing from left to right.
What you find may not be what you like.

But be aware that you possess more that normal sight.
You can choose to see the world, upside down or inside out.

Remember, no matter what you hear and see
it’s your mind that makes it be.

If you wish, high above the skies will reign,
then down below will seem just plain.

My advice to you is clear, there is nothing much in life to fear.
What you seek is what you’ll find.

Never leave your dreams behind.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.





So many times I’ve heard the word culture used and often abused.
I am cultured they say, you are not.
I embrace culture whilst you cannot.
In my culture we do this or that and you do not.

It’s really saying this belongs to me and not to you.
What I choose to do, you should too.
It’s a way of justifying my actions in the face of adverse reactions.

Though there is some truth in what they say, I believe with words they try to play.
For culture is the clothes we decide to wear, its neither here nor there.
It’s really a way of saying, of what I am, I care.

We use the word to define our needs and hope to plant some seeds.
We emphatically convince ourselves it is static but the truth is it can be erratic. If only we knew.

There is nothing wrong with trying to preserve, if more time it truly deserves.
But time waits for no one and in time what I hold true to my heart, from others it will depart.

History, speaks loudly of such things, look at the words we use, the songs we sing, the things we eat, the way we speak.

What defines us is always changing, and so far ranging.
What is a rage today, is another page tomorrow.

Culture to me is a word of division, constantly inspired by revision.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




To know that you do not know.

To accept that there are things that cannot be seen.

That is the seed of wisdom.

Be not blind to the truth, or be blinded by what you perceive.

In this way, our minds our soul will not deceive.

Seek not what you do not need.

Do not yearn for what cannot be.

Leave the past where it lies and meet the future when it comes,

but be present in the “now”  before it is gone.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.





Time passes with joy.

Endless moments and memories to treasure.

Everything moving at its own pace, bringing pleasure.

No haste, for every moment is worth savouring.

No extra moment need favouring, for all is well.

A trouble becomes no more than a stumble.

A loss is glanced aside by no more than a mumble.

Radiant smiles all around you.

What you see is bright and cheerful.

No space for sorrow,

that you will leave until tomorrow.  

Happiness will set you free.

— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.

The journey



The path is long to somewhere,
and can be endless to nowhere.

But along it, we must go
if progress we are to show.

However many turns in our journey make,
never allow your resolve to shake.

One step after another is what we must take.
It can be long, it can be short, you can even take a break.
But never dwell too long on your mistake.

For a long lonely journey we must travel for our sake.
For all to see, that it was me, is what I seek.
If you make the journey you will know of what I speak.

There is nothing right or wrong if you persist
but stubbornness you must resist.

Such a long journey I must take!


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.




A gentle wind blows.

A pebble dropping into the water.

A ripple shows.

Light flutters of a bird wing.

The rhythmic sway of a reed.

Gentle, gentle, be still.

No more, no less, just be at rest.

Soothe do not distress.

With this mood I feel quite blessed.

I feel calmness, that’s the best.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.