a feeling of love



Whenever I am with you,
the world remains still.
No wonder my heart worships
your every movement,
your every breath.
For you are like the light,
seen dancing with dawn;
your arrival is what gives
life its truest meaning.
For in your light, I find that
everything has a place.
Even shadows linger, to promise
more than emptiness –
if our hearts so desire.

who are we?


If we allowed ourselves to listen,
we would hear, a truth so profound
that our rigid sense of self would melt
like butter in the sun.

There is much that we claim to be,
but who we are, the transformation
and journey we take in search of substance,
can confound even reason.

The only truism that is buried in certainty,
is that who we are can never be static.
Every bit of us is compelled to vibrate, with uncertainty,
until fixed to the rhythm of existence, by perception.

Thus, life and death is but an instance, not the whole.
What flows onto the shore of perception
is both revealing and mired in the deception
that we like to refer to as time.

A time, that is quick to greet us without feelings.
A time whose only real purpose is to
frame our presence in what
we all know to be empty.

Surrounded by emptiness, no wonder we feel
the urge to leave monuments to our passing.
No wonder we need love to inspire our moments.
We search for substance not in vain, but out of hope.

For what is the value of a journey if not filled with hope,
or a transformation that cannot share experience with love.
Even if we are truly only ethereal moments in the cosmic wind,
to play my part – ” I am,” is all I feel the need to know.

Dawn and Dusk



How sweet the blush,
as day greets night,
and night greets day.

However briefly,
such lovers meet,
their love will never stray.

“So bright their light,
a hearts delight,”
words poets do gladly say.

Over summer months,
or winter years,
with joy I hope they stay.

Ever may night meet day
and day meet night-
embraced with love…I pray.

100 Word Stories: worshipped from afar


As I turned, to set my gaze upon her distant face, I realised that never would a day rise more beautifully than If I were to awaken by her side.

Moments ago, in dreams, she was mine…more real than the brightness of the sun summoning me to the light of day!

Now, awake to her presence, my heart dares not hope, dares not be more than a shadow in her light.

Sadly, I must contentment find in the mere thought of her touch.

For dreamy moments, are but dreams. She, a Goddess, I to remain no more than man.

50 Word Stories: Love Calls


Though her steps were barely audible, in the silence of night, love announced itself. With the flicker of candles, her bright passionate eyes suddenly inflamed to reveal a longing that called across the ocean of darkness; offering such warmth that the chill night air only served to hasten their embrace.

power of love


for love
we would
a world
and much
for the
of the flame
that did
tear us from
the grip
of frailer

for the call
of the heart
is made
of stuff that
so potent
that with
but a single
it can
and in the
same instant
give meaning
to madness

yes, with but
a single glance
it can your
world redraw
to bring
of ambrosia
to lips
and with
inflict such
mortal pain
that could
a future
with tears
of longing

what is love?


love cares not
for empty vessels
primed by time
choosing instead
to hearts consume
and with touch render
the most sensible, fools
inspiring men to cry as babes
women to rage like lions
who so enslaved
by tender moments
cannot sanity contain
were it not for the flip
of a coin that could
also endearing joy
and courage bring
once awaken by true light
all would like illusions vanish
leaving only strife and pain
and not the beautiful thing
often spoken of in poetry

Be gentle with my love



Be gentle my beating heart
Let not love with ease depart
Soft and gently hold me tight
In your arms to find delight

In your eyes, my soul is wrapped
In your smile, all joy is trapped
Please take time to look at me
Light the flame and set love free

Be gentle, oh swaying wind
Of my love, do not rescind
In your hands my fate I place
Plant a kiss upon my face

Kiss me gently on my lips
Let not time, my joy eclipse
Filled with tears my eyes do swell
In your heart, I seek to dwell

All this love is mine to give
Without love, I could not live
Draw your heart now close to mine
In my beat, true love you’ll find

my constant companion


Existing between light and dark
stands my growing shadow.
My constant companion is
forever bound to my body and soul,
but being too ethereal to feel and touch;
is more ghost than a man.

Ever dancing to the rhythm of life
and yet not knowing the breeze;
I wonder, how tedious is your existence?
You who are compelled to walk another’s path
and yet denied the chance to taste
the fruit of that journey.

But to pity you would do you an injustice
for your presence is a source of comfort.
Never do you bow to the sun, or wind,
or feel compelled to yield to hunger.
Yours is the gift of elegant existence
flowing untouched by sorrow.

For you who exist in defiance of light
will never need to fear the seasons,
or be forgotten like words blowing in the wind.
How strange that you defy the eternal sun
only to succumb to the transient night,
and yet your existence is most poetic.

For you live beyond the reach of love and yet are in tuned
to its every move, its every gesture and its every pose.
How proud you stand oblivious to the wind
and graceful you drift through the turmoil that is life.
Were I denied my moment to bask in the joyous sun
I feel that I too would choose to be as you.



many hearts beating as one
where sound of laughter means fun
reassuringly consistent
not overly insistent
a comfort in despair
even when they are not there
with my burdens they do share
by their deeds they show they care
reflecting unconditional love
that’s gifted from God above
full of honesty and trust
and loyal when things go bust
with family these traits, I find
with my heart their love does bind

changed by time


As a young child, oh, how I dreamt as others did.
Not one of my moments was ever filled with doubt.
Being much too young to know I had limits,
I dared to claim to be the sky not its reflection.
I dared to claim all as mine to play with,
Expecting the sun and moon, to always light my way.
I knew the howling wind as my companion,
Certain it would announce my place in the world.
Born, ever hungry for love, I consumed it voraciously,
From the moment I suckled on my mother’s milk.
Selfishly I clung to every moment in the sun,
Basking in adoration as if there was no tomorrow.
Having not yet felt the bitterness of betrayal,
Or remorse of mistakes, regret was not known to me.
The only tears I shed then were to tame hearts and minds.
What seems like dreams today, I knew as the future.
Reality and magic breathed the same fire to my soul,
And made all seem so possible and so real.
Now that spring has rolled over the mountains,
And summer across the oceans, what I am left with
Is the truth, which now scars my once youthful face.
Gone is the innocence, to be replaced by experience,
That has taught me how to fashion my own path:
By flowing with the wind, smiling with the sun,
Dancing with the moon, and embracing the dark.
In this way, I now add my voice to the chorus of life,
By gently painting my features into its landscape,
Not with indelible ink, but with flowing grains of sand,
So that I may be easily remade again, and again by
The nurturing breath of love that brings peace to hearts,
And unending hope to my soul in the storm of life.

the seed of life



Neither the sun, nor moon,
Will outlive my light,
For what I leave behind,
Is not merely a shadow,
It flows in everything
In every moment.
No words can capture,
My true beauty.
No paint brush my,
Endless glow.
What I speak of is,
The seed of life that breathes,
Transcending the stars.
I flicker and take root.
Nothing for me is too hostile,
Or too great to surmount.
With the love that I bear,
And the love that I bring,
The entire universe knows me.
Seek and my presence will be,
Revealed for all to see.
Know I will be there waiting,
Now, and forever more.

the limit of words


So much is said and written in haste,
With meanings lost in cocooned words,
That has never felt tears of sadness,
Nor tasted love, happiness or joy.
Being merely strings of letters, bound,
Imbued with only a simple kiss,
And lacking the fullness of emotions,
They pale compared to night and day.
Unable to fathom the true depth
Of sorrow, they only reflect,
An image of the ocean, a moment,
A vision, of what maybe but never
Rich enough to capture pure essence.
Never to know the glory of the sun
And the elegant beauty of the moon.
Being only cast out of straw, they will
Eventually dissipate in the mist of time.
Even when beaded together to shine,
However beautifully they may be,
The fate of words is not to be
The ocean but merely the pond.
Not to be the master of the sun,
But to live in its eternal shadow
And point towards true beauty.

J M Lysun

A golden park



Not far from where I live is a golden park,
Hidden from the reach of noise and crowds.
Within its boundaries grow wondrous trees,
Tall and wise who gently speak to me.
Theirs is not a language full of words.
They choose to speak through the swaying
Of leaves and branches, the snapping of twigs,
Through colours adorning blossoms of many hues.
Wrapped in natures sweet motherly scent and coat,
What they say is full of rhythm and harmony,
Always speaking of the virtues of love and peace.
From wisdom so deep comes their voice that,
Even the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
This one tree that everyday speaks to me,
In spring it whispers gently to remind me of
Natures love; pointing at the buds that bloom
And the rain that bathes and winds that soothes
And the shyness of the gentle loving sun.
By summer it speaks of joy and nurturing
As it basks under the sun’s passionate glow.
Tall, strong and proud it stands bearing a full coat
Of green swaying in the summer breeze.
By autumn it points to the end of bountifulness
And speaks of tears to come. Embracing the
Wind it reveals its inner beauty and grace,
Shedding light on tolerance and fortitude.
In winter stripped bare, wearing winters coat
It speaks of the secret of life and longevity;
Peacefully, silently, it stands listening to the wind.
Oblivious to its taunts it waits patiently, dutifully
Conserving every ounce of energy in readiness
For the awakening of the dormant sun to herald
The coming of spring and with it a new beginning.

J M Lysun

The great equaliser



Love blossoms in the strangest of places;
Caring not about wealth, looks, status or
The multitude of barriers,
That could others sway.

The great equaliser, transcends
The mirror of our illusory world.
Forever open, forever inspiring;
To all who seek it.

Always bringing end to loneliness,
Gifting us with pain as a reminder,
That we are alive and should savour,
Every moment of Gods gift.

J M Lysun

Suffering for love



How is it that you still doubt my love?
That I love you should be apparent
In my tears and suffering
The fact that I am still
Here speaks loudly
Of the ferocity
Of this
That cares
With gentleness
Speaks ever softly
Of always being present
Shedding tears of happiness
Reflecting joy, longing to be seen
Undoubtedly embracing your rhythm


J M Lysun

Love has meaning



I hear them say that love means endless pain;

You at first feel the pain of desire
As you longingly gaze at your beloved across the floor,
Not knowing if she will return your love.

You then gaze to feel the pain of jealousy
As her attention you wish to keep all yours in
The endless ocean of suitors

In time, when you gaze upon your mortality
You will suddenly feel the pain of separation
From your loved one.

Without such pain, love would have no meaning.


J M Lysun

For the love of a rose



What pain was felt for a rose.
When he realised his love,
She did in haste oppose.

If the thorn that struck,
Did strike a lesser man,
And did its venom seep,
Into his heart so deep.
Today you’d weep,
And he’d ever sleep.

But fate did play,
A gentle hand this day.
Though love did part,
From his grieving heart,
And tears did flow,
As did venom show,
Its pain did not linger,
As no ring to bind his finger.

Accepting what had to be
From his heart he set her free.
But so hard his love did grasp,
when he did unclasp,
Blood did from his finger flow,
Full of tears and sorrow,
With a wish for a better tomorrow.


J M Lysun

Timeless moments



Walking by the river,
just you and me.

Seeing the willow tree,
bending to the wind we feel,
but cannot see.

Hand in hand we stroll,
at summers end,
with yearning glances,
love we send.

Careless and free,
we talk of what will be,
of others we cannot see.

A tender moment,
shared by hearts that dare,
abundant love we do declare.

More than just talking,
more than just walking,
time passes without a single care,
as our dreams,
our hopes,
our hearts we do lay bare.

A loving moment,
shared so rare.
Alas, only time will know
how it will fare.


 J M Lysun


Image from  www.trees-online.co.uk

Eternal Love



 A rose is beauty by another name.

So mesmerising, when touched by the morning dew.
So delicate and bright in mornings first light.

By noon, it shimmers and glimmers,
succulent and inviting.
Touching hearts in everyway.
Inviting lovers here to stay.

The symbol of pure love,
stands tall in the noon day sun.
Sharing light, copiously, with all that’s fun.

Its joyfulness and radiance cannot be contained
and is even harder to explain.

But it is plain for all to see that,
it stands for what should be.

Love for an eternity.



J M Lysun


Thanks to AmyRose for sharing her  beautiful photos.

For anyone who is interested in roses and flowers, I would highly recommend you visiting AmyRose at





In the dominion of men



In the dominion of men,
there is much I don’t understand.

Why is there so much darkness when,
we from birth, were given light?

Why are there constant wars that we must fight?

So much madness that lead to sadness.
So much hate that won’t abate.

Why is it so hard to share and care?
Why are acts of open kindness getting rare?

So much poverty and abundance paired.
So much squandering as if we do not care.

Why can we not see the error of our ways?

Why is there so much envy,
that our hearts we cannot set free?

So much greed,
that the need for unnecessary material,
we feel we need to breed.

So much lust that makes us lose our trust.

Why do we allow pride to mar our sight?

What we do, cannot be right.

The dominion of men is just too hard to comprehend.
Our selfish actions,
as much we try,
we cannot defend.


J M Lysun

The moon I love



Have you seen the light above,
how it shines so bright,
against the blackness of the night?

Though it pales compared to day,
in the night it makes a great display.

The moon I love,
high above,
is a gentle, caring moon.

To the children of the forest,
it never really comes too soon.

By bringing light to utter darkness,
shadows into play,
it brings pure magic some would say.

Mirror of the sun.
Force of wonder.

We the children of the sun,
who fear the night,
welcome your illumination.

Symbol of grace and clarity
always be the moon I love
and forever shine on me.

J M Lysun