Update on Book Project



It’s been a while since my last chat with all of you. I really can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 5 months now. It feels as If I’ve been doing this for years…Ha!ha!

As I’ve mentioned before, trying to reach out to an audience is an incredible experience. Although, my focus is still for self pleasure, it’s impossible to ignore the addictive nature of blogging and trying to echo themes that an audience is tuned to. For

” the sound of silence,
is often louder than words,
the blogger knows well.”

Anyway, I just thought I’d write a few words to share my writing experience so far and to thank all of you who are participating in my writing explorations.

The words of support and appreciation, I’ve received, are part of what gives me strength in my development as a writer.

Some of you, who have read my home page, might be wondering what is happening with my much announced Children’s book project. Having made the bold statement of getting a book published before the end of 2014, I am beginning to feel a growing pressure to match my words with action.

When I first announced this, I wanted to set a goal, which I thought would be demanding enough but not totally unachievable . My view was quite simple at that time; to take a story from my children’s early childhood, evolve it a little, produce some illustrations and compile everything on Ms word and voila, a freshly baked book! Of course, I wasn’t that totally naïve, but I was confident I would muddle my way through all the challenges, as and when they occurred.

Suffice to say, the journey to self publishing a children’s picture book is proving to be a lot more challenging than that I had expected. Although, I am concentrating my efforts to getting the book complete, I may miss my set deadline.

After countless versions, hundreds of sketches and many hours of revisions, it’s only now that I am beginning to see the light. As both writer and for the main part the illustrator, I am constantly evolving my ideas; using the feedback from my support group, to help steer my creativity towards making something that will be both enjoyable to read and visually a bit different for a young audience.

The quality of what I produce may not necessarily match, totally, the more expensive, professionally published books, but I am determined to produce something of quality to the best of my abilities.

Without giving too much away, the story is for an audience between the age of 5 to 8 yrs. It’s about a greedy King “who has everything” and wanting more, who almost ruins his kingdom in his pursuit of his neighbour’s wealth. He eventually learns the value of friendship.

It has a bit of humour and magic thrown in.

These are examples of types of illustrations that will be found in my book.

Below is my sketch of the Warfoo King  expressing his anger towards Ringu.

Angry king
Followed by Ringu the Dingoo, the magical creature of the tale exercising his magical voice..


I am currently playing with “Calibre” trying to work out how to use it to load my work and create the desirable format. Once that’s done, I will produce a version that I can have reviewed.

That’s it for now. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!

J M Lysun

A moonlit night



Scattering petals in a ring
Whilst sprinkling magic in the air
Fairies dance and sing
At this moment very rare

With summer near its end
Blessed by the harvest moon
Joy will fairies send
Packaged in a happy tune

With night long and bright
Many come out to see
In this moonlit night
Fairies dancing by the tree

J M Lysun

The magic of fairy tales



Fairy tales

All the fairy tales I know
begin with once upon a time,
anything else uttered would just be an awful crime
A phrase so bold.
A phrase so old,
and yet timeless

Such tales full of magic,
with even a touch of tragic,
are easy for young minds to follow.
With always a happy ending,
it’s sure to make hearts mellow.

Full of crazy bearded wizards,
kindly fairies,
Princesses in pretty dresses,
Dragons and knights, who fight on sight.
Clearly written to excite,
always to delight.

These tales with grace,
set at a gentle pace,
where good and evil do battle
and sensibilities they do rattle;
use joyful words to play
and in young minds they tend to stay.


J M Lysun

Black Panther


Black panther

Black Panther hunter of the night,
what manner of beast are you,
that you are both revered and feared by men?

Are you merely a legend?
A shadow in the night?
Are your unearthly feats recited just to inspire fright?

Some call you the great defender
and others terror of the night.
Which of this true?
Which of this is you?

Devourer of infinite light,
master of silence.
If in this world you do exist,
why did God create you great like this?
With all this might;
you swim,
you climb,
with movements quite sublime.
Blessed with paws so strong,
teeth so long,
that none can hope to match you
let alone catch you.

Why is it that from darkness you appear
and at your whim can disappear?
You make me wonder,
and even ponder;
If you’re merely a trick of light,
what manner of magic keeps you out of sight?
How Is it that you inspire fear without even being near?

Oh, terror of night.
Sleek and slender.
Mighty defender.

What manner of beast are you?



J M Lysun