The right to bear arms?


I am not afraid of men per se,
what I fear is empowering him.
Deprived of the tools of destruction
we are, after all, merely feeble beasts
constrained by our physical limitations.
We may rage as is our nature,
we may threaten as is our way,
we may even strike out,
as proof of our immaturity,
unarmed we are relatively weak!
But how the beast changes when
rage is given expression by arms.
I tremble at our capacity to inflict harm!
Knowing the truth of our callousness,
our propensity for violence,
I wonder what madness drives society
to arm such beasts with impunity!
The archaic right to bear arms,
regardless of rights and wrongs, surely
belongs to a different era;
a dark age where tempers were vented
and hostilities openly enacted.
But in this day and age, can we not dare
to aspire to a more civilised way?
We know we cannot tame the beast,
God knows how we have tried in our hearts, but
surely we have reached the stage where we
can at least try to restrain it, deny it reason,
moral justification and the means to harm.
Surely it’s time that we embrace the truth,
and seek to cage our inhumanity, so that we may in time
learn to sleep in peace and allow others to do the same.

In the dominion of men



In the dominion of men,
there is much I don’t understand.

Why is there so much darkness when,
we from birth, were given light?

Why are there constant wars that we must fight?

So much madness that lead to sadness.
So much hate that won’t abate.

Why is it so hard to share and care?
Why are acts of open kindness getting rare?

So much poverty and abundance paired.
So much squandering as if we do not care.

Why can we not see the error of our ways?

Why is there so much envy,
that our hearts we cannot set free?

So much greed,
that the need for unnecessary material,
we feel we need to breed.

So much lust that makes us lose our trust.

Why do we allow pride to mar our sight?

What we do, cannot be right.

The dominion of men is just too hard to comprehend.
Our selfish actions,
as much we try,
we cannot defend.


J M Lysun